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An S. T. that's either a fifty six seventy eight coming up we are going to talk to you about the kindergarteners who made a thumb and forefinger gotten and that everybody freaked out that's coming up right now we are talking about three girls three high school girls athletes the runners they filed a federal lawsuit yesterday seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girl sports because they're boys competing against girls and two boys in particular the plane to where I can find no Terry Miller and Andrea you're would two boys were pretending to be girls they ran as boys and they lost they decided they were girls and now they're dominating which means they're taking championships recognition and scholarship potential away from the girls and the girls just had enough of it want to know if you think that basically boy should be allowed to race against girls that should be it should the silly question but unfortunately after yeah let's go to Kyle online one a cow urine Kane S. T. A. M. seven ninety with Casey I you don't I want to say I thank you for having it you appreciate it when I come down you obviously boys and girls right after each other it's absolutely unacceptable at you like you said with the big question that but unfortunately you happy in today's society I want more out right now is that we got to this point where we've allowed boy used to say and by the way for all this to happen and what he's talking about psychological and you know I'm trained you I feel like this on the inside all they have to do is say I'm a girl and that's it that's good enough for everybody else and now they get to race and take literally take futures away from girls exactly like you said it it's just it's whatever you say whatever you feel and you know what I'm not a really upset with the boys that are your dom that with their parents their kids they're allowing this is favored happen one thing is we don't care young man strong but make it safe there's a young man from I put forward and what what did you make a yard and a strong by making young women inferior or feel inferior that does no good for anybody thanks for calling K. an S. T. E. A. M. seven ninety and by the way again this is about the kids the guys are print you know boys pretending that girls that's fine but they're just kids right now this is their parents in this is the adults who have been for the past several years tripping over themselves trying to say no I'm more sensitive I'm more sensitive look I think of that if all day if you say you're a you're a big girl you're a girl yeah Hey look at me look at me act the Rachel Dolezal case is the white woman who was the head of the Spokane Washington and double ACP because she identified identified as a as a black woman which isn't a thing that doesn't really exist right got to take a break we'll take more your phone calls coming up eight eight zero KNSD that's eight eight zero fifty six seventy eight my name is Casey Bartholomew I'm Sittin on the morning ritual with Gary Lewis at eight thirty two you're listening to chemistry AM seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk Attorney General William Barr will testify before the house Judiciary.

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