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When there's another one recently someone so dis they make some comment you dig up eu trawling through the garbage of their life and then you write that peace usually for the daily beast raise the work unusually that half with amy zimmerman just person is really we shouldn't celebrate them because the 1968 they said colored or something sharing when it was the nomenclature of the time and i just there's that instinct now in daft to to to destroy people i think that my theory these days after reading i think antiarab it's that were hopefully informative was not to go hey you know air clamped and had a concert nineteen seventy nine we got super drunk in talked about quote unquote walks instead that there should be no immigration in the uk which is actually true in i guarantee you the hunt takes will be sizzling when eric clapton dies in it'll diabetic don't forget indepth use greg these also race that one thing yeah i look john mccain is very different thing because a politician in death you do you know we know of john mccain because of his political record and that's completely fair game but i i always wins when i turn them turn twitter on when somebody you know who's like slightly controversial died as boring it's people in a being brave in a in a in a very non brave way gentlemen design decides i totally guys ranting now no no i totally i totally understand i think it's it is decide of the different from something that i saw on hannity and colmes colmes also passed away recently well he generated have said bradley sorta brink cancer but hitch was on a tear going after uh reverend follow after he had passed.

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