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Tradition of a more traditional tool, a hand tool tool? Is that something that you could see using? Well, in conjunction with, say a ban, solid, cutting a big sweeping curve on the bottom of a stretcher. Then million back with a with a compass plane to. You don't use the compass plane to create the arc. You use the compass plane to just finish it. Okay. Because usually what I'll do is all chop in release with the news chisel knockout the majority of the waste and then do the last eight inch or so with the couple's played. Okay. Right who'll his act. I have a question. So I'm in need of an invokes wanna start banging some Steph out, cheap invol- alternatives. Do you think piece of railroad track would be sufficient? I angle for getting started with drawing steel out. Yeah. I mean, it's certainly better than nothing in it can be done. If you have some money to put. I mean, it's hard to say it just it depends. I mean, it's it. You get what you pay for. I mean, you can certainly do things on railroad track, but you know, even like I have my firsthand village still have it. It's a seventy pound NC tools, something or other. I think it was. I think when I bought it was like two hundred seventy bucks or something like that right around maybe three hundred bucks is probably what they're going for. Now. I would say that's worth it over a railroad track just because the, you know the railroad tracks. It's a higher carbon steel, but it's not super high. It's not nearest is hard as most. The faces on the end Ville in just a mass makes a big difference. I couldn't believe.

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