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On beauty and the beast just the thought of what can never be rubbing off. Then on guess, who's really battle for Southport willing JR him from all sides on pumpkin crest. Now. That's a good night. Have a going out tonight Dowd, Dallas and falcon crest one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. Yeah. So do more time lex. He'd stream that from the sewer. Yeah. That's what gets me be Arthur doesn't know. I'm okay, dawn. Okay. Now. Let's stick with streaming. Mytalkers. Let's stick with streaming real quick because it is the weekend. It's going to be colder than a polar bears privates. So you're going to be one indoor dawn, will you tell? I don't even know all the statistics here net flicks is bragging about on the show. Yeah, they don't usually do this. They don't usually get chatty about their viewing stats because they want to keep that secret, of course. But they're saying they acquired from lifetime. There's a movie there's a thriller called you. And it has been streamed an estimated forty million homes. I have keep see this coming up. And I'm like you. I really want to watch that it's about some creepy like super Stocker guy. And then we have sex education. That's doing really well. It's similar numbers. I'm trying to watch that show. It's hard to get into it. Scares me, lex because I had someone tell me last night that I will like it. Okay. Yeah. I'm gonna give it as a good three tastes try like I try to do with everything. I'm curious to see what you think. Okay. Gillian anderson. She's playing. Oh, yeah. It it doesn't even look like short hair. It's platinum blonde. Yeah. So well in another let's just get on the record because I think New York magazine, some fancy publication wrote I saw yesterday Instagram. I'm going to be careful saying this word. Showlights creek. There we go. I'll change it. Oh, you know, what we're trying to say. Yep. Every year. I think it was New York magazine that talked about this show is like four years old. What's the buzz? It is now it was a slow build. It is huge now giant with with Eugene Levy, and captain O'Hara and people love the show. We literally just got an Email from named gene about it. I've always heard great things about that. And those two together, you know, they're from L,.

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