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Bring up somebody like barry manilow and why he's like like lay lay i don't think so my grandpa yeah right there's a lot of bans allot groups i mean so many groups i literally guys fistfights about like hey i'm pretty into savage garden lame lame oh yeah i i like nickelback they fucking shot who train traits yourself right now brian i'm asking can the black community turn on some of their own doesn't all have to be great ramp that we don't understand and you guys just go fuck pj cal fuck it sucked he is your nickel back nickelback place instruments and sings can't do we have to be so fucking tight that you can't just go that guy he's sucks like i want some black folks going fucking guys a sack of shit doesn't do anything i'm racking my mind for example but what does someone have to get kicked out of that community like our kelly is still who trump who do you have to not stamp ticket thrown out of this community i'm just saying are kelly kelly still i know here's a deal black community when you are telling me about konya and how is genius let's just say or wiz khalifa or something house then i'll go yeah but i just saw sernet live and then the little the little ginger was doing all the singing and wiz khalifa's point at the ceiling and they'll go oh no no no no let me let me tell you about as i down or whatever i will be much more apt to listen to you if you go let me coach you up on with khalifa oh by the way tice cal fat talentless faulk never listened anyway.

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