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12 seconds later, they ended up caught in another one, take the two one lead, and it was pretty much done after that. Going back to game three, islanders fans not happy about that tying goal. I mean, gee, you said it. It looked like you got the high stick on it, but given that they called it a goal on the ice, they didn't overturn it. I thought that, yeah, it did look maybe on the higher side, but just clearly not enough RA. Absolutely not, but I know I'm stroking off every episode of vasilevsky man. Like this guy, I think he's solidifying the cons might, at least on the Eastern Conference, but down the other end, I'm curious who trots goes with next game if he goes with Greece or olim off. I mean, he went unexpectedly last week. I always say Greece because I'm a big Danny zuko fan. It's great, but I'm curious to see who he goes. Egg especially grace. The first two goals in game four that varlamov let up. He almost had it. The breakaway on Coleman it goes underneath the stick and then I forget who and a lot. He almost got that block where he ended up getting over on that path and I think it just hit his block or side and went in. So he played great. Listen, I guess after they dragged him into that mud fight and it seemed like the Martin goudreau scrap had really motivated that team and just how ugly it got. I thought that islanders were going to stand a chance, but what a response by getting point back in the lineup after he missed a game as well as killorn and they just were right back to their high flying selves. And the point goal is good and a dominant as far as I was bad. He made kind of a tough play defensively on the point goal. No, he was chasing him and he was back checking him doing his best as he cared to kind of get back into the play. They showed the replay on NBC sports, but he ends up getting on the back side of him and he's kind of behind the net and point does a great job stopping in front and ends up getting the goal. So when you look at barzal and what he can do offensively, it's just one mistake. And at that time, it's two one. Points goal is kind of a back breaker. It's three one the game looks completely different. It's now in the third period. It's just all about staying between your man and the net. You could tell that one time he's trying to get there and ends up on the wrong side and it's a back breaker for that team. So I just think that the entire that line point Pilate and kucherov is something else. And the islanders, even with Nelson, really can't answer it. I know Bailey's been good, but they don't have the skill level that that line plays with. They're just all on fire. Couldn't agree more. Yep, they all had two points in game four as did yanny good too. There's just too much firepower for them. So, and of course, if Tampa wins the next one, the aisles will be looking fine out of the golf course isn't there going to be one to be good when they're out there. Y'all for sure RA and there's no better way to do that than wearing Peter Millar. And I'll tell you guys, we had a sandbagger there today with Chris Wagner and Brandon yep. It was sponsored by Peter Miller. Thank you so much. You're going to see some of the gear we had on, but just the most comfortable clothes. It's perfect. It looks like a golfer. Dude, you looked exactly like a golfer, which is, I mean, to make Peter Miller I can make you look like a golfer, they can make anyone look like a goddamn golfer, but I'd say that the quarters up is my favorite because it's able to you could throw it in the bag if it's cool out. I mean, if it's a little too warm, you wear it to the course early morning fall around. Late afternoon range session, just the pants they have, the shorts, everything about Peter Miller's classy, but also like athletic performance. You know what I mean? You need it for Boston because in the morning it could be a monsoon out and then 20 minutes later, it's fucking sunshine and then right back to the monsoon 20 minutes later. This place as far as weather is concerned is off the radar. And you can go without any logos, you could pick any colors you want, so you gotta check out that and it's Peter millard dot com slash chiclets you want to go to, go to and use the code bar stool at checkout for a complimentary performance hat. So if they're just chucking in free haps, you know how legit Peter Miller is. So we want to say thanks to them and make sure you check that out. I got a couple sandbaggers this week already and maybe even a third. We're still waiting on, I'm freaking out over here, boys. Okay, you want us to mention it. Yeah, yeah. So right now it's Sunday Night, we're recording and we were supposed to go against Kevin Hayes and Keith yandle in our third sandbagger since we've been in Boston and they have completely ghosted us. So we haven't heard back whether we need to cancel the film crew. We may be doing a head to head, me against it, 'cause I feel like I've been carrying the team in the sandbaggers. He feels like he's been carrying the teams. Well, I guess we're gonna decide that head on head if, in fact, Keith yandle and Kevin Hayes do not show their face and we're gonna send them the bill for the maybe for the film crew. I feel like it's a foley prank. I feel like there's something going on here. Well, it's not really a prank 'cause we just won't be there. Yeah, but what if we show up tomorrow and foley's on the first screen, just waiting for you? I would laugh because banana fucking slice won't stand it. I'll say, I'll say the only chance that Keith the andal and Kevin Hayes have up against beating us would be in fact if they're playing mental warfare before the round and maybe maybe a slim slim snowball's chance in how they both left these two dudes. I think they're just more nervous. I really will be shocked if Keith actually just canceled on us the way he did and it's not a joke. I'll be really surprised as a friend of his true. I think we're going to have to give him a year sassy from the pod. I mean, he is the king of the sock. He could just be sunk at everybody. That's true. That's true, all right? He's going to song us so we don't show up and he can bring two countries and play with Kevin. So now we have to get over to Dallas and RA before you before you hop into this. I want to say this to Dallas fans. I made a mistake when I'd been watching some games. I hadn't seen Jamie Ben put up any points. I clearly hadn't been running or watching the scoreboards, okay? So I was wrong in saying that. Now, I'm leading the fucking train for the Jamie Ben con smite because ever since I did say that and wit corrected me and I admitted to getting bent over, no spit no loops, sandpaper finished, at least Anne's file two on one no back checkers. Listen, he ended up getting a primary assist the episode I said it and then back to back games he scored, including that one in game three in which we talked about it as soon as it happened. He gives that little flick of the fucking wrist, opens up Leonard when Leonard already had the angle. He already had that side of the net cover, but instincts brought his pads open and what does Jamie Ben do goes 5 hole to give their fucking team the two one lead? And stone ends up tying it up. That game was the night we did the electric chair. So we experienced maybe one of the worst hockey games I've ever seen through two periods. And I had the over under, which was set at 5. I actually got a push out of it, 'cause the third period and then OT was not so, I don't know if everyone's been online or Instagram and seeing RA with the warthog..

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