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Mason ireland seven ten. Espn so last. friday out. Black gold ireland's backed by the way last friday out of black gold. You and i both made bets on scott caplan to win the push. Ach push up contest between him. Giordano sodano right final score. Scott kaplan forty-four forty-three words. Don't be sorry george. Sodano forty nine. George sodano one. I'm shocked by that. You would bet ten thousand mythical dollars. I had twenty thousand mythical dollars on john john fifteen john put fifteen so the scores are mason. You have eighty one thousand. John has seventy four thousand. Five hundred ninety five and whore who hasn't bet yet still has one hundred thousand. Start betting bets. You cheapskate the niners all season long on all season long. That should be against work at our station. And by the way you need a survivor pick for this week to horry. Okay gave you the niners last week so you need to pick one dinner five last week. Everybody except one who apparently system some kind of goofy system that once again failed him he comes in. I honestly thought it was alphabetical. I thought it was bills. Come first before any other team in alphabetical order. So i thought it was that he says it was something else. But he's the only one out everybody else survived. My mom is on new orleans. This week and leo is not stepdad. Leo is on the ramps. I'm on tampa bay. Tampa bay my mom and michael or both on cleveland. I'm on cleveland. To and i'm on green bay. Ooh annandale eight to three. Pasting at the timmy. Green bay over jared goff. I like my odds. I like my odds. So dodgers beat the diamondbacks last night. Who they already by the way eighteen and three kenley jansen thirty third save eleven of his last eleven. John has kenley jansen. Return to the status of elite closer. I don't know how you can't say yes to that. I mean i still get nervous when he comes. Bergman diesel get nervous when it comes in a little bit. I feel a little bit better right now. Beautiful pitching facts are facts. You know at some point. You have to face the music. And i think he is proven that i i think he's going to be there closer in the postseason. I do too. And i think if we get in this one game playoff which is still very possible and the game on the line late. He's who they're giving the ball to. So i think we gotta ride with them. Yeah too he is our guy he is the right guy. I'm concerned about about training. Who hasn't pitch well of late our eighth inning guy but the bullpen deserves a lot of credit. I mean who is alex. Who was phil bickford. I mean who were these guys that all the sudden have emerged is really important players in the bullpen. Those guys that andrew scavenger went out and found. I was gone for six days. Did bellinger get a hit. Yeah he's actually on a greg. If i'm not mistaken on three game hitting streak it is a three game hitting streak two doubles in a single last night. It was kind of a dank. Really why it really wasn't it was Barrels or overrated kind of single being. He's been a little bit more patient though. He's taking more walks although when he does swing hard he's just popping up and it's not making it out of the infield you know what's funny john. Yesterday we actually talked about this with with callers to are. You resigned to being in the one gamer. All and so i sort of i sort of like leaning that way like The giants can catch giants. So it's like george costanza costanza opposite day. Right i went you well. You are losing it. Everything i destroyed you in fantasy You beat me beat me. I beat you like eighty four to sixty. Yeah eighty four sixty three and my last place. Mace again. Oh yeah i mean what. That matter of fact. I think if you go by the standards you get first pick on the way i do and i got a good one too. I got a good evening back from the niners. Couldn't get him. I got the sterling shepherd. The guy who had the big day as a receiver. I was fifth out of six draft kings. On top of everything else. Kellerman one draftkings this week. Marcellus wiley second. Oh the rivalry. Consider taking a year off of fantasy sports absolutely not. Fantasy is my life twenty four. Hey how was the ram game with fans since then ireland. I gotta tell you it is. It is such a beautiful place it massar. They're they're supposed to say that. They're supposing not a lot of mass compliance. They're supposed to wearing a mask. And i did for much of the time. Although i did pretend i was eating and drinking lot i was i was eating and drinking a lot so But but john it was such a great night and the scoreboard. I don't think i can ever go to another stadium and look at that scoreboard in the end zone. And that's really cool. Change the name of it. What do we call it now. The infinity bored being bored and it really is infinite. I mean no matter where you look. You're looking at the field. You glance up and there it is. It's right there in front of you. What are you playing in. The background there hang. That's infinity board so ireland. I ask people to see if they could come up with a rams anthem and here is what we stumbled on. I want to get your thoughts. We played it for mcveigh yesterday. Or hey do you have it ready to go. Get your ram hands. Up is is done by a special ed teacher down in san diego who has never done anything like this and he absolutely nails it. His name is david common. Now listen now. That's this is a news out of san francisco okay. Top of the second to out san diego just scored. It's one nothing first and second with two apps. Let's go one.

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