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Staff job for the first time. It's like, wow, I have arrived. So we turned in this. Tony Randall episode and j calls us J goes. Yeah. Yeah. We got your script guys. And yeah, there's some good things in here. Yeah. We have some notes. But yeah, some good things in here. And. You wanna work here? Like what? Yeah. Yeah. Your script is really good. You want you really wanted to work here. Yeah. Okay. Well, we'll call your agent. That's it. It was the big moment. So yeah, we worked on the Tony Randall show, and at the time, it was Tom Patchett and j Tarsus brilliant guys to brilliant, guys. And they were the show runners the Bob Newhart show during its heyday. And and Tom created Alf and they did buffalo Bill or. Yes. Really brilliant guys. Molly, dos go to Manhattan, Molly Dodd. Yeah. And. Yeah. So I forgot what I was saying actually, this is probably where you cut got gotta stand it up. Yeah. Okay. So so our staff was Patchett and Tarsus. Gary David Goldberg who later went on to create family ties and Hugh Wilson W W K R P and directed police academy in first wives club and everything that was the staff that's a murderers row. Yeah. That was that was great. We were the newbies. And a half to say, Tony Randall was great because I was single at the time. And I would bring dates to come to watch the filming. And then we would go down onto the stage after the show and air Do or to the cast the things you try to do to get laid, you know, and I introduce Tony Randall, and Tony always would go. Oh my God. We couldn't do the show with. Thout Ken, Ken is so funny can is so brilliant. And so totally Randall was really my wing, man. Better. Yeah. It's great to because you met so many heroes. Your Neil Simon fan you love the couple. So now, you're you know, you met Mary Tyler Moore f you worship the Van Dyke Show. Now, you're meeting Tony Randall, it's one of the fun perks of a comedy writers life. Yeah. Really? I kind of feel like Zelic. You know, that I've met all these different people, especially since I've, you know, traveled in two different worlds with television. And also baseball got a chance to meet Rafael for call. I love the Rafeal for call. References. Tell us how you since you brought it up and and again, we'll we'll try to keep tracking the writing career. But at the age of thirty five you decided, you know, what I think I'm going to try to do this once and for all I'm going to I'm going to fulfill this dream or stream when I was eight years old. I I heard the dodgers in Los Angeles, and I heard VIN Scully. And you know, how all kids wanna be baseball players. And then there's that day when you realize you just don't have the athlete's ability to do it. Fortunately for me. I was seven at that time when I heard VIN Scully, I thought, wow, I could be an announcer, and I could travel with the team I could go to all the games I travel, I could go to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and get my makeup. Do all the stuff. So I wanted to be a baseball announcer. Vince gully was always my number one idol. And then when I was thirty five at again, I have Mary Tyler Moore to thank because we had just finished the Mary Tyler Moore experience..

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