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And it's likely that the goliaths will will end up knocking off one of the David's, right? If if all of the goliaths vote for Christian and all of the David's vote for Angelina to idols are played you still have them. Majority of goliaths, and they're gonna vote at one of the David's so whoever on the David tribe came up with his billion idea. Hey, let's split the votes. Let's put two on Angelina three on John. You know, they're not gonna play over John. They there's no reason for them to think he's coming home. And even if they do we've still got to uninjured Alina. So it's brilliant. It's it's it's really smart strategy. There's a lot of stuff that we're going to have to really dig through this week to be able to get a clear picture of how this all came to be. And maybe the secret scenes might go a little bit of that way to be able to tell us who's talking about what in terms of how they're going to come up with this plan this week. I felt like that tonight was the worst episode of the series so far for Christian. Yeah. I mean, Christian was shown to be a little bit out of the loop. But also, it's all about how wonderful. He is. You know, Mike has Mike has this great epiphany. We can't let Christian get to the end. He's too great. He'll beat us all and then you have all of these people scrambling to save holy Christian. You know? So granted Christian himself is a little bit out of the loop on this episode. But you know, the subjects is Christian. Is this amazing radiant human being I thought it was so amazing to see the sort of Medicom version that the goliaths were having which was really led by Mike who said that if I was watching the show or everybody that's watching the show is either rooting for this guy or is. Why aren't we getting rid of this guy? And I'm so not used to people who are out there on the island having the same conversation that we're having what we're watching the show. I thought that was amazing. Yeah. It really is. True. It was it was so it was so funny. And then those moments. I've heard more of those moments right in in real life. We I think when you're on when you're on the show you are talking about I just don't certainly went through that with Joe, right? Yeah. It was Joe you're like this guy's getting the winters, then it, but just in general, you know, you're constantly speculating like what's gonna make air how it's gonna make air. You know, you're aware of your on a show with there's there's like ten cameras around you. You know, you're always thinking like what is what how is this being digested and turned into a TV show. But just the fact that we were seeing people having those conversations about that here in this episode, and then the conversations that were being had about the threat level from Christian that the the.

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