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One trumpet can collapse a 12-foot wall. That's God math. That's not man's math. When you get in man's math, you start saying they're bigger than us. They're stronger than us. It's greater than us. But when you know that he is for you who can be against you even if the whole host of the enemy's path rises up. I love it. There's just one story in the Old Testament the prophet named Elisha can I preach for a minute the prophet named Elisha sends a servant out to check in the morning the servant comes back and says we're in trouble. There's more of them than there are of us. Elisha said he's not seeing this right. God is saying over somebody you are not seeing this right. You're on the wrong app. You keep pulling up your map. You keep pulling up your calculator. You keep doing your math, but I got news for you where God guides he provides. Watch this if it's God's map is God's math. So when you find yourself in a remote area and you don't know what to do or how to do it or what to do it with if I just came for three people. I wanted you to know that if you're where he puts you if you're where he puts you if you're where he puts you then you have what you need. If it's God's map. It's God's math. So the prophet said open his eyes that he may see that there are more with us than with them. That's that God math. Yeah, all of us who are bad at man's math. Let's get good at God's math man's math says there's nothing there but several cloud the size of a man's hand God's math says I hear the sound of the abundance of rain getting ready to swell in your life. Yeah, that's God's math. That's God's math. I want to have a class called God's math and we only need one thing to show in the class. It's just one thing if you want to write it down. You can write it down. We don't need a whole semester. We don't need a whole course. I don't even need but five more minutes show them what God's math looks like. That's God's mad. That's God's mad. That's God's math. It's not a hashtag. It's a prophecy. It says that whatever I'm going through is not greater than the God who knew I would be in this remote place with this limited resource. Yeah, but I only got six more months with my kids. That's not enough. It is if you let God do the math he can take six months and accomplish more than you could in six years come out of man's math women's math. I don't need men's math any longer because God knew what I would need for this season and I have never been in a situation that God called me to and felt like I was enough in that situation. Never enough is not a feeling. Enough is a place of faith. That God is greater. God math. God math. You glad you came to the class today? Get your number two pencil. Make sure it's fully sharpened. I know life has you in a place right now where you never knew you'd be the disciples could relate. The interesting thing about this passage is they were no longer on the shores of Capernaum where they had done all of their ministry. They were now in a Gentile region. Having to feed people that were strangers to the covenant that they belong to and Jesus said I have compassion for these people and what that lets me know is that God saw my situation coming before I did. And he put in me what I need before I felt the need arise. So if I say this to a crowd. Then it has a very limited yield. But God sees people today. Who are navigating and not enough in your life. And you know that not enough so well that it has almost become your name. It has almost become your name for some of you. It is the shame of the mistakes that you have made that is keeping you stuck in this season. And by man's math, we all fall short of the glory of God. But God's Matt says that his grace is greater shout greater shout greater shout greater. That's the one word. I want in your spirit about your God for whatever you're facing today and as simple as it sounds if the disciples had realized that God's plan was greater. They would have never asked the question. Where are we going to get enough? You don't have to ask about bread when you're standing next to it. So let's get serious about this now. You're navigating and not enough in your life. And part of the problem with that is that you tried before and it wasn't enough. Tried to hold the marriage together, but it wasn't enough. Tried to bring the kid back, but it wasn't enough. Tried to start the business, but it wasn't enough. Tried to bridge it through 2020 2021 in it wasn't enough and now you think that you aren't enough and by man's math, you're right. None is righteous. No, not one. But I love the compassion of Christ that we're celebrating in Matthew 15 for the Bible says that he will leave the 99 to find the one from men's perspective. That doesn't make much sense to leave the greater for the lesser. One thing I love about God is that the one who starts out with the least can end up with the most. After all, it's just simple math. It's simple math. When the disciples had five loaves, they fed five thousand and they had 12 baskets left over. When they had seven loaves, they fed four thousand and they only had seven basketfuls left over. Stay with me. This is important. This is the point I wanted to preach to this is what I wanted you to leave with about God's math and about the not enough that you're navigating in your life right now about the weakness that God's strength is made perfect in about the mistakes that you cannot redeem in your own human effort. That's the six that's man's math seven is God's number seven is the number of completion. You are complete in Christ. You do not have a righteousness that comes from you. Your righteousness is not your own it is received. It is an inheritance. It was purchased by Jesus and given by God. It is shed abroad in your heart through the Holy Spirit and isn't it interesting that when they only had five loaves they ended up with 12 baskets when they had seven loaves, they ended up with seven baskets the miracle that started with the least ended with the most. I prophesy over your situation. I prophesy over everybody who didn't get a good education. I prophesy over everybody who didn't get a good start in life and was not shown what real love looked like I prophesy over everybody who didn't have a guide to show you how to navigate this transitional period of your life that in the That's God's math. And if you feel weak today, that's a good starting place because from the starting place of your weakness comes a strength that is greater. I said a strength that is greater and a power that is greater and the grace that is greater. So you started with five but you end with 12 so you started cast down but you're ending lifted up so you started in a broken home, but you're going forward made whole because Christ has compassion and he is more than enough. For you for you less bread to begin with more baskets to end with blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven if you've got needs if you've got weakness if you've got space God can fill it and I love what James 1 5 taught me. He said if any of you lacks wisdom. You should ask. God. Ask God whatever you lack ask he's able ask him ask him God. I need somebody in my life right now to help me through this ask him. But as you are asking him for what you think you need. Make sure that you thank him for what you already have. I want to sing an old song but I don't remember all the words to it. It was like, um. Wonderful grace of our matchless. Grace that do good line right here. Yonder to Calvary's Mount Alport. There where the blood of the lamb was still now, this is the God math there where the blood of the lamb was still where one drop of his blood is greater than any sin you would ever commit. That's God math. Man math. You can keep the girl math. You can keep the man math. I want the God math where one drop of his atoning blood one mention of his name. Look there is flowing a crimson tide wider than snow. May you be today watch this Grace. Grace grace that will pardon and cleanse that is greater than all sing that like you got it. And God has a grace for your situation today. Stand your feet lift your hands to heaven and receive it. Grace Grace God grace that will pardon and cleanse claim it now is yours. Heads bowed eyes closed. I want to invite somebody to receive the grace of Jesus Christ in your life today. This message was for you. A sinner in need of a Savior this message was for you. An orphan in need of a father this message was for you a back slider in need of a homecoming this message is for you. He leaves the 99 and I don't know why he did it, but he found the one. He sees people not crowds. And that Grace is calling your name right now and you know, it will lead you in a prayer right now to receive the grace of God for those of you who are today ready to put your faith in Jesus Christ and receive his grace to cover your sin. I'm going to pray a line and then you pray it. It's not a magical prayer. It's an opportunity for you to do what the Bible says to confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. You will be saved right now. Today is the day of salvation harden not your hearts today is the day of salvation. If you pray this from your heart put your faith in Jesus Christ. You will be saved repeat after me Heavenly Father. I am a sinner in need of a Savior and I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of the world and today I make Jesus the Lord of my life. I believe he died that I would be forgiven and Rose again to give me life. I receive this new life. This is my new beginning on the count of three shoot your hand up if you prayed that 123 raise your hand right now right now God bless you right now God bless you right now God sees people God sees people God sees people. You can click the share button take a screenshot and share it on your social stories and tag us at elevation Church. Thanks again for listening. God bless you.

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