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I have. There's a lot of other comparisons. I mean, there's also that cartoon in the string. We'll get to that. We'll get to that. But here's the thing for me. I knocked Aaron Boone also, you know what I mean? Like I say, what confidence that I'm not the person that saying what is okay for man to behave like this, but women should be demure or anything like that. Now I'm not that dude also saw people make the comparison. John macaroni John macaroni used to lose it all the time, and we're like, oh, nobody gave John McEnroe like permission to do that. Nobody said that was cool. You can go check the stories, Arthur, ash, John McEnroe in the way, Arthur ash respond in Davis Cup stuff to the way the John McEnroe behave and John McEnroe got himself point penalties, and game penalties and stuff like that for the way that he behaved like that compare that particular comparison doesn't hold. But at the same time, Serena was not anywhere near the level of misbehavior. John McEnroe would have. So like even feel like our comparisons that people are going for, don't necessarily seem to fit what the circumstances and situations work and then is gay pointed out. The next level that makes this difficulty is if you do want to offer a measure of criticism toward Serena Williams, somebody always gotta take it too far right? Because when it comes to Serena Williams, it's rarely ever just about her. It is about which she represents to the person that is discussing her in in that case, you talk about the cartoon from the Australian paper that had her with the big cartoon lips and jumping up and down and everything else, which by the way was not in line with what her behavior was even after things gone terribly like that is not an appropriate comparison for what was going on here. So it because just hard is held. It's all about it because I don't know how many people are actually talking about what happened on the court because I feel like if you're really talking about what happened on the court, Serena has had a long stretch of problems at the US open. She's had these problem. Tmz at this turnament from the horrible calls in two thousand four against Jennifer Capriati, which is in line with the leave on Hernandez game in baseball, is that poor level of officiating the things you talked about one to shove at tennis ball down the lines person's throat. Remember that when we had that situation that crazy footfall call, she got wants where she lost a match. They called footfall on match point against her in that, and then we get to what is going on here is not as though she's only had like, this is the first time something's happened at the US open. That seemed to be gigantic. Part of what was going on with this issue is that. Is more. I guess that's the thing for me is that no matter the one thing that you wanna point to that was going on with her. There was more. And once somebody gets to a place where it's not about who they are, it's simply about what they represent. People tend to miss out on what the more is in what the levels are to be discussed. You're like, I had questions about it where people said that the you know where people talked about. Well, the issue is that men are allowed to behave like this in women are not allowed to behave like this. I personally don't watch enough tennis to be able to give you a really good comparison to the way she was treated versus other people. And I also feel like a lot of the people who are talking about this also don't watch enough tennis to have a full answer for what that is because they're dropping in and watching it when it Serena like we do the same thing with Tiger Woods. We're not really watching that much golf, but we watch tiger right. I'm not knocking anybody for that..

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