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I don't even want to see it and I felt the same way with that play last night about Simmons in part because you just hate looking at somebody in agony. But the other thing, too, is you just heartbroken for the guy. Right. He's such a good player, and you're right BUSTER, whenever I hear, he rolled an ankle, I refuse to watch it under any circumstances because on my tiny little level. I've done that a couple of times it's pain is immeasurable. It's so bad. And if you roll it badly enough BUSTER, you're going to be out a month if it's black and blue all the way around that ankle, it's going to be a while before he's able to play. Now I hope it's not that bad for him. But he's also such a good guy BUSTER. I was at the Orioles. The other day when the angels were in and Amerson Simmons walked by a heading towards the batting cage, and I just casually said, hey, you doing. He said, good. Just trying to figure out that hitting thing again. That's. It's what he called it, it was beautiful at every hitter, the big leagues knows exactly what he's talking about even though to ninety one at the time and had done some pretty good things. He called it that hitting thing he has to go figure it out again in the cage because he lost it for a moment. That's how hard hitting is. That's how much that guy cares. And now it appears the angels going to be out without him for awhile. And that's the. Loss for them as they started to make a little move in stand. And before we go, I want to give you some advice, it probably comes too late. I don't know if you notice this or heard about this team but I'm the reigning champion of the president's race because a likeness of me wind up winning a relay in the president's race. And of course, I thought a you, and when you ran in the sausage race in Milwaukee just a, a piece of advice, if you get that offer again, let somebody else, run the race in a costume with your name on it. Tim. Yeah, I BUSTER. I'm well aware that your head won the race. Okay. And you don't have to mind me. I will never get in one of those costumes. Again, I told you the story overnight, I tried on the hot dog costume. The KAI was reading the thing told me, you know, this is built for a big people to run in these and you're not very big don't be like there was about that. So I run the worst race ever. And I don't know though this part I walked in the clubhouse after the game as Ron porter. Now. Because I covered the game Kyle Loesch announces to the entire brewers clubhouse there. He is the worst hotdog racer of all time. That's how I get announced when I walked into the club house. And then I go to the truck afterwards to, you know, to say hi to everyone after the game. And we're having a post game meal and we're having sausage from the sausage race. It was. My entire life. I hope it never happens again. Yeah. And I had the greatest night of my life because I won the president's rates Tim. That's how it goes down in the record books. Right. I won it was awesome..

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