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And it will move they try weiss wassi twice yes they uh they had several moments there were so many moma's light who fear this have so happy fill in my kevin with that list i wonder if we give everybody in the cash whoever wrote this yet anyway liz themselves cow will be the day um is episode 13 of season to this is us of course our show this too much were is a show recap this is us on abc um and record on the sections the story of us we talk about what happened this week this could be us will talk about which characters who identify with the most this week is not us issue that's the section where we talk about who we weren't phil neville before this week uh this too much mom if there is a moment that made his get emotional or in any sort away who thus to this too much moment this is jaw is our segment will release me your feedback and lastly what about us decimal talk about what we expect to happen in upcoming episodes um so i guess the asked ri by asking which they go out this episode that'll be the day uh just in general on it was amazing it was i told at said last week that last week was go boring but this week there were just prepping us like an insurer in incheon leading for you to a jump into a crap to get you like up there and i think that last week was definitely a prep to get us appear um i wanted its two things i wanted to know the first thing i wanted note that the title this will be the day is a song um vied buddy holly who died in a fiery plane crash um in nineteen it was him and which he balance the guy who's who played who sangla vonleh and some other people so that's his songs and it was the song the thought that old couple was singing so this she'd had levels applaud levels upon levels yes that will be the david i they really did bring it back to uh the old school version of this too with the like.

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