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He's hearing all the things obviously, in contact with the with the organization as well, because being one of their analysts, the Bills aren't leaving Buffalo and I I know that they have to use negotiating tactics. Maybe Austin And then we have Eric back now, but they were talking about Austin and all these, you know, far away places. I mean, the bills mafia, Eric, correct. If I'm wrong, they would revolt. They would burn down the forget the city. They burned down the state if the bills left. Oh, you're absolutely right. And, um yeah, I mean, and yes, there's much. There's much bigger cities out there in the country, um, that are just pumping revenue through the city. A city like Austin is such a hot town nationally right now, but it truly would be a shame. If they're even became a real threat of moving the organization. You know, that fan base would definitely be offended. Yeah, No, they definitely would. Before I let you go. We know Josh Allen is the man. But Mitchell Dubitsky is there is back up. He looked pretty good. Last weekend. We We crushed him first for three years, Four years in Chicago. He actually looks pretty good now. Is it just a change of scenery? Or is it the staff and the You know the environment that he's in now that that's making him feel less? Don't know, under the under the the hell of everybody. Yeah. I mean, he got to go back to Chicago put on a show last week. He did, And I kind of anticipated that Brian Devil would let him run the offense the week before they only give them to pass attempts there in the huddle the entire time. The bills. Run. I kind of know how to offensive Last week, they let him run out of the bell huddle, and, um, they let him really show off back in front of the home crowd in Chicago. But when you look at Miss Stravinsky, he's a guy that had some success takes the barest of the playoffs. He got some time to develop, and then all you've heard from him. Recently is when he spoke to the media about his time so far in Buffalo about how he feels appreciated for the first time he feels supported for the first time and and I don't want to make too big of a situation about it, But I do know that the bills Fan base that the Bills organization is extremely excited, even though it's only a one year deal to allow him to come in and be the backup there for a year. Yeah, I mean, sometimes that's all it takes being appreciated, and it actually brings Lot more out of you, Eric Appreciate you hopping on detailing the bills as they head into this 2021 season. Good luck to you, and hopefully we'll talk to you soon. My pleasure. Anytime, brother. Be good. Eric would bills analyst former offensive lineman He was a really good center. Uh, for the for the bills. He just He had some injury issues that forced him out of the game after only eight a seasons, but a good a scouting report on the Buffalo Bills. They have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. And now the expectations are extraordinarily high as they have jumped over the New England Patriots, But the Patriots, you know they're going to come Roaring back. Alright. Dak Prescott may not be healthy the entire season, according to some reports of the Cowboys struggled early, should they shut them down. We'll discuss.

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