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This is Ray sandwich talking today with the Alzheimer's Association about their big. Walk to end Alzheimer's takes place on September thirtieth in Lake County at the lake metro parks park on Euclid Sheridan. Road and with. Us in our studio glory Higgins's with Gloria. Thank you. So much for being with us thank you I understand you're going to be one of. The people. Walking your big volunteer for this I am this'll be. My fourth year walking with the Alzheimer's Association now you with visiting angels and you have. Some work there with people that have Alzheimer's we do quite a, few of our clients do suffer from Alzheimer's so were. There to. Assist them and also their families all right and you have somebody else in your life that has had. Alzheimer's at you're familiar with Mike grandfather dead he moved. Up here after World War Two and Mary my grandma raised eight kids and manner and the last few years of his life just to see him suffering. With dementia and to forget who we were and then later just the simplest things even how to utilize utensil one. Of the great things about visiting, angels, team, we. Do All year not just for the walk but all year long we do raffles and collect donations that I'll go to. The northeast Ohio Alzheimer's Association and this is really an event the walk is of course the. The. Big part of it but the ceremonies and the program in the gathering of people it's a fun day oh it. Is it's great it's great to bring your family and friends and even your pets this year and if you wanna. Do that there's. A three mile that they encourage you to. Bring your. Pets with if you'd like to yes definitely but you also have a one mile version. Of you. Don't wanna talk you don't wanna walk that much you. Can do a one miles and it all takes place on September thirtieth Alzheimer's Association especially. Here with her northeast Ohio branch servicing so many people here that, are facing Alzheimer's and other dementias throughout our community so. If you. Would like to be participant emit please help us please come out on September the thirtieth and you can. Also go to the website.

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