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After the Santa Cruz mountains, We go for the latest installment of KCBS traffic invested your turn. Well, if you got stuck in that south bound back up this morning, this is deja vu all over again. The stall, possibly two separate stalls, backing up the ride out of law scatters south bound 17 the stalled the vehicle or vehicles in the Red States area before Summit Road. Case of his ways for says it's Sloan stretches from Bear Creek Road. It appears it's starting to move. So I suspect those dolls, not a big deal, not like the overturned big rig. We had a deal with for hours earlier today. Now we're also tracking a major delay in Oakland Serious injury accident on the Nimitz involving a motorcycle south about 8 80 before 66 near the Coliseum. Her injuries, emergency vehicles. The crash did happen in the middle lanes and no update on that which lanes are blocked. But I can tell you very heavy, very heavy traffic approaching the sea and slow and stretches now backed up to 9 80 It's roadwork backing up the trip on south Bound 13 in Oakland on the connector to eastbound 5 80 shut down. Traffic is diverted at seminary conquered completely slammed because Of grass fire activity. It began long highway for just west of Willow Pass Road shortly after 2 30 The fire about 15 acres at this point, it's not controlled Highway Patrol has shut down lanes three and four. Of highway for We'll keep a close watch on that. Next update 3 58 on the traffic leader. KCBS Way need to hear about the man Seanie Sleeper Hold six day forecast years. KP X five Poul Hagen, the same old late July weather pattern will repeat itself on Wednesday. But we are going to see some changes by the end of the workweek and into the first weekend.

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