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700 wlw Dan Carroll back on the big until nine o'clock tonight. Let's go ahead and get a call and get this out of the way before we move on, Jim, you're on 700 wlw. What do you know about fake hate crimes? Yeah, Since you brought the subject up, I'm just speaking for myself. I think most of them are fake. There's a new book out by a black professor. In the university, Kentucky called a cake crimes how the left is trying to sell a fake race or he was on fall. Ah, fake race for He was on Fox recently and he wrote this book, courageously calling out. Also, there was a book about 20 years ago by a guy named Les aired. Wilcox, which had a very similar name was like fake hate crimes or something like that. And not only this type of thing, but a lot of the Jewish A hate crimes jury students have been caught doing them on camera. You'd think the people that were going going to do a fake eight crime would try to make sure there were no cameras around. So this professor has written a book, and it's got all these hate crimes documented in there right now, saying he's not saying every last one is right. The subtitle of the book is Alba left, is trying to sell a fake. Race war. That's the subtitle on the title is Vacate Crimes. All Right? You know what? I'm gonna look that up and see if I can. I believe it's Wilford O'Reilly or Wilford Riley. I'm driving, so I can't look at my phone. But he's a professor at the black professor at once, like Northern Kentucky and and a major university, Kentucky. I think it's university, Kentucky. Now I'm gonna have to look that up in the sky and see if I can maybe have that author on the future. Not having money. I mean, because I'm always did look and again. I'm not saying these things don't happen. I mean, sometimes they do happen, But you look a like this story about the noose. Okay. What that with with a bubble was Bubba. What's his name? Bub is above all lots and bubble Wallace and that bubble. What That bubble wallet. Ah, bubble, Wallace. Okay, so Go and assist it'sjust the way the media handles these things, and that they blew this thing so out of proportion, And then I saw I came in here that one day And I saw the video that was from a NASCAR reporter, and he's walking around is the same garage and he's walking around. He's talking to different team members and different drivers. It was a truck race it was going on. And all Indians and sought after shot after shot. You can see how these ropes were hanging from these garage doors, and some were straight down somewhere tied in a loop. So you Khun, grab that rope and pull down the garage door if you have to write, and that's it, and that's all it wass. Right. And you know the the other thing about that one is after the fear died down after 25. They said, Well, wait a minute. There's cameras everywhere. Near bubble Wallace and all the other drivers places. This has got to be on camera. What turned out? Nothing was on camera, you know? Yeah. And then I read where the NASCAR television ratings took a hit. I guess on the on the last race they had on and you think about that people are so hungry for sports these that I actually watched. Ah, NASA. I hardly ever watch NASCAR races. But I was so hungry to see something on TV that I can't even tell you what race it was, But it was. It was pretty. You know, It's pretty interesting. That's good race. You've got another 30 seconds. You know, when Trump was elected, a lot of these things appeared one Withrow high school locally, one of thievery, even in college. And at Withrow was like N word. Go, trump. Okay, well, pretty council went there to memorialize. Okay. Trump then said after these were happening all over the joint, he said in public, you know, sometimes your enemies do hate crimes to make you look bad. And that was the last state crime. The last thing the national media of one people to do is think that some of these could be say Caped crime. Yeah, well, you know, I just I just Maybe I'm naive about this, but I just think most people don't have the time or the inclination. Tio single one person out for you know, for for hate Crimes like I just don't think. Look, I'm not saying I know there are people who do you think that way. But I just like to think that most people don't think that way and I don't do those sorts of things, right. Thank them. All right, Jim. Thank you very much for the call. I appreciate that, and him. He mentioned the word courage in journalists. And the story that came out earlier this week. A young woman her name is very Weiss. She resigned or left? Yes, she resigned from the New York Times. And she wrote a letter in pretty probably heard pieces of this letter. During the course of the week, But she wrote a letter to the publisher A G A. G Salzburger. A and I have that letter here and I'm going to read parts of this letter I'm not going to do. I'm going to get to the a break here first. Then on the other side of the break, I'm going to read parts of this letter. And I mean it really is. It is absolutely I don't know. A scathing Is the right word.

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