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With me in the studio tonight. You've got your host bonnie joel and normally we'd have matt here but he's off at rufus what is best. Well it's technically called the late and liberty festival. It's going on at rogers campground where we have pork. Vast focused and it's for libertarians. Who were of the morris spiritual or woo mindset. Will i guess that's like an insult. But they took it back so this includes people who might believe in aliens to folks who are maybe of a new age spiritual kind of religious mindset to bigfoot fan like what's the rain you in crystals crystals are crystals. They're all that stuff is going on there. And you don't know you've never been but because i was thinking about going but i wanna go um and so it's kind of like it's kind of like a smaller porcupine freedom festival with people who are other liberty mindset but they also have these other beliefs matt whenever he talks about it. He's always saying that one thing that annoys him is just like he's had psychic experiences his whole life and lots of libertarians. You talked to were just so so. Their brain is all logical all the time that they just can't conceive of things like that so they just like You know laugh about it or whatever and so the libertarians that you know they are mindset. They like to get together. Yeah well that's that's interesting because there's so. Many people appear in new hampshire as part of this migration. I mean joe. That's the reason why you moved here. I moved here. Some bonnie moved here. was because there's a bunch of people coming together and really the only thing that binds us all together is the belief in individual freedom. The idea that you own yourself and you should be free to make choices for your life whether they be good or bad or whatever. The government shouldn't be involved Some people would describe themselves as libertarian. Might use the term anarchist or volunteers or something like that but that's where the similarities end. I mean after that you've got people who might be died in the wool christian as far as their beliefs are concerned. You've got arias a satanist. Then you've got you know spiritual folks or jewish people or whatever muslims. I mean there's people of all not just religious beliefs but also you point out here. Some people they're into having a psychic experience and other people are total skeptics of that kind of thing. I'm kind of i like to consider myself open-minded about that. I say i've ever had a psychic experience. Certainly i've been on the same wavelength as other people like bonnie you and i are frequently will have the same thoughts at the same time at the very most. I've had some really interesting dreams that helped me like you know like Sometimes i can fly my dreams shirt wake up and i feel really good because i was flying. Well yeah it was really interesting. Yeah i mean who doesn't like a good flying dream yeah But you know whether or not you can read somebody else's mind or whether or not you know psychic can tell your future. I think there's i think the skeptics you know are rightfully skeptical about these sorts of things because there's a lot of people out there who claim psychic ability and they are just straight up scammers. I mean there's a lot of scamming in the world of types into taps into your psyches rightly so like i got tower card Read a couple of weeks ago and it was like. Wow you nailed it what i was thinking before in the garage or already dell and i just walked up to the table. And he's like all right. Let me read your card. And i was like whoa. You nailed it. What was it about like did he ask you to ask a question in your mind or was it. Yes just have something set in your own mind. And then he'd read off the cards in. Maybe it worked for just about anything you thought of. But it was like e nailed. It was pretty amazing. I've been around when my boss got her tarot read back in late. Two thousand sixteen and it was just so on point. Because i knew her so well. It's like well. This is so important for her. And i but what does it do. Does it predict your future or does it. Just tell you bounce off or what does it do. It depends like when. I got my tarot read by a guy that claim to be a witch in twenty fifteen. He told me. Ask a question but in your mind. Don't ask me. And i'm just going to start reading your cards and telling you what i'm thinking. My i was like okay. So what will twenty sixteen be like in my mind. Didn't say anything to him and he started saying like all the stuff that seemed like it would be happening to me soon. It happened in two thousand sixteen. It did yeah actually someone at the woo woo fest. Taryn taryn lupo. He does He has a youtube channel. Need any like readings through his youtube channel. And i actually did it in person Over at pork fast and he nailed it. I mean like for the rest of the time. I was at the festival it was like. Wow this is like blown away that and you get you get to keep the rock that you chose like that and you get to make a choice and it just fell into place for me and i'm not going to tell you what it is that's on me. It's my experience. But i mean it was just got to try it and then maybe does something for you. I don't know yeah. And i don't consider teheran to be somebody who's a scam artist. So i mean it's it may be difficult to pick out the scammers from the real ones. Just think it's crazy to think it would be impossible to do something like that. Considering the fact that like almost everyone has had the experience of like somebody walks in the room. And you get vibe from them either. Oh this is not a good person. This is a bad person or like. Oh that person's bad moon they have really said anything verbally. But there's all these nonverbal things going on that people can pick up on that's true. I mean vibrations unreal. I mean that's that's what the whole of quote unquote reality is. Made out of right like vibrations whether it be vibrations or whether it be you know a A sound vibration. All of the the things that we think are hard are really just vibrating at some low level and we can't pass through them but there's a lot of air in the supposedly solid things. It's all different vibrations it. We're interpreting with our senses. So that your your body language tells a lot too and people know about this and they studied this they actually you know they go to school for it or ever. There's a there's a book out there that fbi former fbi agent wrote about body language and actually a lot of people who played poker. Read this book and it makes sense you know tells yeah tells well very slight ones you people have for sure so anything else that you know of that specifically going on out at the fast on. I think monday or tuesday. Whatever was the first day of roofs. They had a guided meditation with every single person. There well i don't know if some people opted out but it. It was a lot of people doing a group meditation together to. I don't know what they would have called it. So i don't wanna like make it sound crazy. But they were wanting to call a fit dimensional being and they some of them have told me that they saw like six. Ufo's well and they're trying it again. Friday so i'm excited to hear what happens. I wonder if they got video of the. Ufo's and ask assam any questions. I guess the aliens worse was to come today according to The la bible was. It was a bible yet. it's It's a news site but it's a opinion site. I'll bring it up in a little bit but you know people were predicting that aliens were going to become today. What were they supposed to do question. I don't know you know. Just just an encounter layer. Was it supposed to happen. This very article. But i'll i'll go over it but it was. It was definitely nailing certain aspects of where we are as a society and We should probably expect these things like maybe they did put us here like they seeded the earth with us or and it's like oh we're failing we gotta we gotta come back down. Clean it up. Yeah we're gonna make sure that we take care of this. Could they just like maybe Do a. I don't know some sort of a ray on the government that i don't want to kill them but just you know make them disappear. Maybe transport them to another planet or something like that. let's just.

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