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Oh my god of god's name was that too yeah oh man i tried to do that with water stole my throat yeah phil what to bill ball know the live don't worry that's anderson i'm brian bishop token one and we are to top five incompetent criminals this week true you'll fill we're after a rocky start rocky start when you say we just no not out don't say we're doing just fine me and my tonsils topfive incompetent criminals bumbling crooks fools inept feves dumb criminal dumb outlaws there's a lot there are allies decided trope actually picked up my phone earlier this week when i was doing the research and i began to text you and then i just dropped the photo macau stolen person on the show what was that no also rans no also right this is a perfect example of where we could do a volume two oh good call volumes there's there's you're right there's a robust next five that i could put on the mainland to wanna hear you do you know you're thirty also rans which you tend to do just in case you think that i didn't think i rattle off the name now left of the volume to thing volume to hurtful why i mean you already said that i'm older 'cause i smoke earlier off air i do not enjoy it i didn't like hearing that yeah sorry so what's up i take it back i want to hear further i'm gonna say something i've never said before let alone christ all about groupers here the premier wake up date quick update the big premiere vol listeners t shirts t shirts were there none t shirts are being printed possibly they speak these words and i'm supposed to get them as this as you're hearing this if you're hearing today of i see the shipping shipping containers behind me they are ready to go i don't know if you call the sleeves containers but yeah we're we're logan i got a system going and we are prepared to deliver these things so probably about a week from right about now to two weeks within the next week or two as you're hearing this you will be getting your film cheered if you're one of the two hundred and fifty people who got a film old shirt so those are coming and they're sleek as nicest shirt stuff.

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