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Peak and granddaughter of the founder of the Japanese outdoor apparel and gear firm. Yukio was an accomplishment near and started the brand in nineteen fifty eight to create climbing gear. That met his standards. Sloping has been known for decades in its home nation for peerless camping equipment. But in two thousand fourteen Lisa a trained fashion designer joining to lead the development of the companies. I ever apparel line. The world hold of hiking has been embraced by the fashion industry. Lately with luxury brands conjuring trae already boots backpacks and Parkas but when it comes to style and performance few can rival snow peak now the company which has eight firm footing in the US and Asia has come to the UK with an impressive. three-story flagship in central London. For this week's episode Lisa sat down with Monaco's fashion editor Jamie waters to discuss her vision for snow peak. Yes no peak founded in Nine hundred fifty eight of I. My grandfather us at the beginning of company it was is is Our distributor of Meta walks slope as the in Nevada factor is a super countryside over Japan Ban as a this city is very very show for the metal walks in the local manufacturing during so my grandfather has a are. His personal hobby is rock climbing. He went Low crime or almost every weekend then. Yeah he's dead to make a good choreography. Good good Japanese Gorazde. Climbing Year by hisself is also giving cause it's still very much a family run business so off after your grandfather then. Your Dad's took over at some point and made it. What did he he made it more of a mainstream camping? Yes My dot joined snow. Peak over thirty is a goal and like a low crime ing is Much much extreme outdoor activity and not like Use Your activity in Japan. Yeah my dad wanted into our dog. Culture should be except for Japanese lifestyle and yacht. He is hunting going camping business. For said he is then is your into snow. Peak in twenty twelve and I prepared Studied I knew a pro business is no peak and it started and twenty fourteen. And it's interesting because I think a lot of Western consumers and definitely. I came across the brand around through the fashion line. which as you say you launched in two thousand and fourteen so it's interesting brand because I think for a lot of people who in western countries it's perceived as being they know as being an outdoor clothing brand even though it's got this long history as a camping the having all the tools and the medical equipment and all of that? So why did you want to launch the clothing line. And can you explain to me about what the clothing line has done to make. The brand better known to an audience outside Japan like for the clothing line has been hustle us. Oh I had to fuck ground outdoor in fashion culture and When I joined snow peak two of our this industry was to separated? And so so I wanNA A bridge Fashion Culture to outdoor Collagen mixing together. I wanted create new outdoor fashion culture based in Japan like snow. Big created japanese-styled campaign culture in Japan are too loud y also. I wanted to same things by adore fashion. Yeah what's what's the what's the breakdown. Now in terms of how much of the business is fashion represent and how much of the business is represented by proper camping equipment. wittment arbitrary business still small maybe fifteen percent over the whole snow peak business us because a snow peak is hungering. The camping business for thirty years but upper just started five. Be as a goal but pro-business deal growing up in the war. What are your future plans for the brand? How do you say the brand guessing? And you've you've now got you've got shops in America. You've just opened in London in numerous Asian countries. What's what's in the future? What do you want it to become my future print in snow peak? It's a snow peak creative. More variable lifestyle are it's like life Barroux are for the worldwide customer and the more wider audience are feeling nature's In their lifestyle it's like boxer Fox two more primitive life failing nature boxer the more human being by outdoor things yet camping and hiking or failing natural materials by crossing. Yeah like that you organize. It is a lot of camping events and things don't you. It's not just that you have shops. You also organizing these kind of things for people to experience the he I In Japan Snow Peak has over thirty times camping event with US nope. He Consumers Schumer's like snow peak stuff a camping with our users together and also our customer feedback. Some positive opinion and negative opinion are two directory to snow peak. Yeah it's very very important things. Yeah so we got a lot of feedback. Directly Xfi from our consumers are weekend make much better product by Dale pinions and improve products and Cyrus also. Yeah that's very important things for the brand. How important is is it to you? That snow peak is a family run business. And what's it like fi you to work with your dad and in this kind of Heritage Family Company ooh Good question yes I love formerly business. Bod God is like a sometimes berry good sometimes is to like fighting it crying as a Racecar my dad and I being the same same spirit and all same spurious affi off for the hungering business and creating new products source something new business and the. It's very good sings. Osso my grandfather grade snow be culture and my dot More wider business by camping and I created our new upper business or in other industry. You're my family's spirit. is a pasta onto next generation. Yeah it's so sweet losing your my executive vice president of snow peak speaking to Monaco's fashion editor. Jamie waters you can read more about. Lisa's plans for the family. Business in Monaco's December January issue on newsstands. Now thanks to Lisa for her time and to Jamie for conducting this interview. The show was mixed edited by doing Allen. I'm Daniel Beach. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you bye.

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