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Here's dave. It's game day for the jets, Brian. They take their three five record into Miami Dade against the dolphins ESPN reporting. The team is optimistic that wide receivers Quincy and Robbie Anderson will return to action that will be huge help for quarterback Sam darnold who's taking on the dolphins for second time this season. It's going to be able to use that experience that I have. The first go round. What we can do. Kickoff at one o'clock NFL network says dolphins wide receiver. Kenny stills is a long shot to suit up other good games and football today. Raven Steelers one o'clock ram saints four twenty five and patriots and Packers on Sunday night football. Aaron Rodgers against Tom Brady face other great quarterbacks. This year defense sets some pretty tough challenges. I have my own football, Alabama twenty nine zip over LSU, Clemson, seventy seven fourteen over Louisville. Notre Dame beat northwestern. Thirty one Twenty-one Michigan state, forty two seven Georgia over Kentucky thirty four seventeen. Rest of the top ten in action what Rutgers Yukon Columbia fell short. Syracuse army Monmouth Princeton and Yale with victories. How about those islanders? Down the middle. Chris king in the first place. Islanders beat the devil's threes at Barclays center Brock Nelson company on the five game winning streak and their six and the division and third and we could feed off that girl that energy granddaughter clock getting a couple of late there. It's nice to kind of put it away. Big two points for ourselves and courtesy of MSG plus Taylor hall. The devils. Meantime, losers of six out of seven hundred chances and. Just doesn't go in. And you got to find a way sometimes a battle through the atmosphere is.

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