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Jeffrey Epstein, Ponzi Scheme, Virginia Roberts discussed on Chicago Dog Walk


They could to get something on these people. And maybe they were able to get something somebody in the DA's office to give him the sweetheart deal, and then part of that was like none of his co conspirators could ever be prosecuted like what the fuck? How is that even a thing? So that would include Goalie Maxwell. Who I think if you fall in this case like you know her name, but there's four other ones. There's a woman called names Sarah Callan. WHO's now married to a NASCAR drivers. The Vickers, the NASCAR driver that's her as his wife. Kind of weird Nadia Marching Cova. Who Jeffrey Epstein described as a sex slave, and then later got her. A pilot's lately funded her pilot's license and again these were adults now not to say that they can't also be victims, but they were. There known as the chief recruiters of this Ponzi scheme, because that was another thing they detail was like all right. Like how many girls did you bring in victim? A I brought in twenty. Oh, how many did this other one like? Oh, maybe sixty, so it's like there's like a parade of women running through his place in Florida and New York are getting because he had this best pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme of recruiting and then Adrian Ross and Leslie Groff those are the four along with Elaine so five total the five million I. Don't know if you call them. Madams, recruiters, or whatever that was something else. Alan Dershowitz, the big lawyer, so the only person who would be quote unquote on Jeffrey. Epstein's side in this whole thing. He Service epsteins lorries worked at Harvard. He's like a very prominent lawyer. So arrogant, so arrogant and documentary he He also wrote an op Ed in Nineteen, ninety seven, saying that the legal age of consent for girls should be fifteen. And, it's like wow, nineteen ninety seven. Let's asking about this while this stuff is going on and so back July twenty nineteen. Basically, double down and as his constitute, he's like it's a constitutional, not immoral thing, and if a girl can legally get a an abortion at sixteen, then she must be able to also give consent. It's like no like predict like ridiculous. And then he like got so like almost bombastic at one point talking about Virginia Roberts, being like I I dare. She's never accused me publicly. She doesn't have the guts you know. She doesn't have anything I dare her to accuse me publicly..

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