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35 our other big story of the evening the Supreme Court today hearing two hours of arguments on Mississippi's strict abortion law the closely watched case could change abortion rights in America Roe V wade the legalized abortion nearly 50 years ago and the court reaffirmed the decision two decades later ruling states can not ban abortions until a fetus is considered viable around 24 weeks The chords now being asked to overturn those rulings in a case about a Mississippi ban on abortion after 15 weeks chief justice John Roberts is among conservative members questioning the viability line Why is 15 weeks not enough time The court could simply uphold the Mississippi law and say nothing else that abortion rights supporters say that would still effectively overturn roe V wade Sonia Sotomayor and other liberal justices suggest that they create a public perception that the high court is simply a political arm Will this institution survive the stench Sagar Meghani Washington Meanwhile William and Mary law professor Neil Devon tells WTP the implications of the case extend far beyond abortion rights It will call into question what justice Kagan said which is whether the court is a political court and presidents can change doctrine through appointment And that may raise a specter of other issues involving court reform There's a commission that President Biden has approved as making recommendations governing the court size and other issues and calls for court reform will grow much louder as the court overturns roe not to mention what might happen with the abortion case itself and the abortion right itself That is William and Mary law professor Neil Devin since still ahead A DCT arrested at his high school is charging a killing on Virginia's eastern shore On Meghan clarity It's 9 37 One day you're serving.

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