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Drama is drama for a reason. Drama doesn't alternately make us. Happy drama is turmoil. It's emotional it's all over the place. And when we get swept up in it as entertaining as it is from far, it's barreling towards us. And we don't want to get stuck in that place. And we know that happiness is built on pleasure and purpose and toxic people. They're not helping us with either of those components. No, no. If that wasn't bad enough already though often make you second guess your own values and goals. You're gonna start to feel like you're on the wrong path. You're doing things wrong. You're the problem. We talked about the second guessing, and we're gonna we're gonna discuss guy sledding and just a bit of of how they do this. But it just going to appear that everything you're doing is making everything worse because it's how they're playing this game is set up in that manner because you wouldn't second guess yourself. If it wasn't and listen toxicity is infectious I had an ex girlfriend number of years ago, and my friends after we broke up came to me, and we're like, dude, I'm so glad you're no longer with her. You're a different person you're back to regular AJ. And I was like what are you talking about? You know, you don't realize that's fear of influence that they have over you and the negativity and the drama you get sucked into you. And all of a sudden, you're acting on a character. You no longer are alignment with your values your piling on your this negative person. And it repels the people that matter to you. That's how this. Works. You're now driven off that path. And you're like, wait a minute. You know, why you focused and aimed in a different direction. So it's going to take getting back to that. And one of the things that we do not knock it off the subject, but I you mentioned about the fear of influence. I'm glad that we spent some time on that last week because that sets up how easily this this happens, and you get sucked up in it. And the last thing we want to talk about that happens when we're dealing with someone who's toxic is gas lighting. Yes. And I know we mentioned it last week. Let's talk about what we mean by gas, citing and Gaz lining is a term that was actually coined from nineteen forties film, entitled gaslight, and essentially it's when one person tries to make you doubt your own sense of reality. Yes..

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