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Did score. That's a really. I on eyeso- cam every time. Yes because it's exactly that skates around hits for people goes back but listen to what. Let's torch wishes. Every guy team was named the budget cuts back around on this real quick as wittingham says that he's watching the game and he's like what are we doing there skating around seventy miles per hour on swords swords the cut someone you know. Judge alert breaking their break it has momentum with plexiglass. Get slow football players but much faster faster because they're on skates and it's crazy everything that they're doing and then i want you to imagine this like fifty years from now just the way this this segment and a capsule. So you've got people on skates because we're going to look back on this not allow any of it going towards going out there. Just trying injured people then. A guy named the butcher nicknamed the butcher skates on the ice. It's people like the gladiator game goal and saying what are we doing out here. You know what we're doing. We're doing this uncivilized thing. And then it's time for the butcher to come out at pinball wondering himself and export that still has you know i. I know they're trying to cut back on it but still has this fighting all over the place again. The butcher a feared man nobody wants to fight came the mountain. From game of thrones. This is what you're saying. The still exists in or a goon wandering around at from his cheekbones. Down it's just hair. There is no skin his lips. Lauren cased in hair never seen it. Can if you ever shave ignored what this guy looks like. It's just a a dark ground. Lock of hair cheekbones. Down and the players love him teammates. We have the butcher on this show. We get radcow. The butcher on please yes we're sure stugatz azan radcow. The butcher is a nickname. The butcher the butcher that is your name. Now with the cleaver radcow the butcher sounds like a tyrannous world leader in the seventeen. Hundreds bloodline rag go the book across the front of his does. I can to what he's pointing wouldn't even be that crazy if he did have a cleaver. That sport is right. I had a scam my brain. I'm pretty sure i've seen him go out there. With one. right is the toughest guy in the league. The butcher that the guy can hit so yeah so. I want you to match out over the benches like okay. This is what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna hit four escape right back over there toward the goal is double of go over there weeping because he wants a player like that because i style still screaming clouds from last place. His whole style is go out and just bloody them. United states of tortorella roy. I was shocked. How was he still bouncing around. Screaming at people always been in columbus for pretty long time so It still worked up into a point this year. But it's been a bad season for just seems like a shooting star like he's really good for two or three seasons but then year five of hearing towards yelling at you is probably the message. The message wears yes. Keep in mind. This is the same team that swept the best team in history to league Couples using seasons to go with tampa so it does of work but just not this year right but it works short bursts like chris said right like two years and you can only play with your eyebrows. Singed for so long comes in with coffee breadth. And all he's doing is spitting rage dry sockets come on towards playing columbus. It's a pandemic were in last place. I'm telling you this garrick off guy. They were down three one. He did something he would have been thrown in jail if he did it outside the hockey arena dan and tortuous smiling. Three garrick at this point right still bouncing around the league. After god knows how many years he's just there to see the heads isn't.

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