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Throughout the county and no sandbags have been uh used in they have been taken and folks who are taking advantage of the opportunity to prepare now ziegler says the hope was for a little bit of rain to douse the fire said of the heavy downpours in the forecast kris ankarlo kfi news mandatory and voluntary evacuations have been ordered an part of state route thirty three has been closed in oh hi the la county sheriff's department has announced mandatory evacuation for some burn areas near so maher people in the keiko canyon lopez canyon and little to hunger canyon areas have been warned that the rain could cause mudslides wildfires burned through the kenyans last month leaving the hillsides bear la county public works crews have been clearing out debris basins tell catch mud and other stuff that slides down the hills embassy weather caster fritz calment's as the first storm of the season is expected to drop between two to four inches along the coast and in the valleys an three to six inches in the mountains and foothills nuernberger wherever and warm word for word he says the heaviest rain is expected to be overnight snow is forecast for the mountain starting above eight thousand feet and moving as low as five thousand fee by tomorrow holman says the storm system will move out wednesday la county sheriff's investigators have arrested a man who stabbed a deputy in canyon country the deputy was attacked at a in the boss kept dared harris says of air protest the deputy asked if he was an officer then the guy quickly pulled a knife and stabbed the deputy once in the chest that devotee red to his patrol car call for help the suspected stabber was later found at her home in the area quick actually loose integrated of his get here log earlier no mirror we're able to get the suspect in our containment investigators still don't know why the guy did it but say the deputy will be okay monica rex kfi news the murder mystery three billboards outside ebbing missouri has won the most golden globes this year including best drama and best actress in a drama frances mcdormand.

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