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Brien and Chris Sullivan and Hannah Scott joins us now and among her many responsibilities is following cold cases and, uh This could be a big deal. There's been an arrest in one of the cold cases that Hannah Scott's been following for nearly 12 years now would be the Lindsay bomb case, and it's not an arrest. I want to make sure we we correct that it's not an arrest in the Lindsay bomb cases an arrest in a different cold case that could be Provides possibly a link to the Lindsay bomb case. Maybe some answers, So okay, So tell us about this. What happened was there was back in 2000 and three in McCleery, which is where Lindsey Baum was from. There was a rape of a 17 year old girl. Now that girl They? She went home report. She had been taken to a church of McCleary's The sexual assault happen. The person had then left her in a trunk of a vehicle or locked in the vehicle. As she got out, was able to escape went home. Dad called the cops and they took a DNA sample. But there was never any hit in CODIS. There was never any match. Then in 2020, they issued an arrest warrant for this unknown or 2010, an arrest warrant for the unknown DNA than in 2000 and 20. As we know, genetic genealogy had become very big thing. They entered that they created a profile based on that, and that led them to a Paul and I'm not sure I can say his right name beaker of and, um Enumclaw. And he has been arrested for that crime. Now this happened in McLaren 2003, and they believe there are enough similarities to the case that it could be connected to The Lindsey bomb case. Lindsay Bomb, of course, was the 10 year old who back in 2009 was on her way home from a friend's house just down the street and vanished and was considered missing for many, many years until 2000 and 17 when some hunters found partial remains in It really remote area in eastern Washington and Sheriff Grays Harbor Sheriff Rick Scott announced that news we've brought Lindsay home. We've recovered her. Sadly, she was not recovered. As we and her family had hoped and prayed these last nine years. They had just found a partial remains and improved that Lindsay was in fact dead. I got a chance to sit down with Lindsay's mom, Melissa on the 10th anniversary of Lindsey's disappearance, and Mom described the day that the sheriff gave her that news opened my door expecting it to be the lead detective and I saw the sheriff and two FBI agents.

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