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International chinese new year night parade 24 members of been in china for more than a week preparing for that performing parade is one of hong kong's biggest every year here on the chinese calendar for this here is this year of the dog let's call mosley stole kumble's which pitman reporting that heavy snow on the way from out passes this weekend show serious that there was a news conference organized by washed up here on friday from an everybody to the snow before you get up there we wanna warned drivers this week and were expecting very severe conditions up here harvey snow it's going to be rough driving it's also not every day in washington state patrol requires chains even on fourwheel drive vehicles clear curtain bob is heading to a conference in yakima this weekend she says they packed safety supplies in change their travel plans when they heard about the forecast through is traction tires and so we just in one day so we waited and thought oh we'll just go tomorrow but it's supposed to get over affleck neither drive over the past week plan ahead ring chains bring water and food bring warm clothes and blankets those who make it up will no doubt enjoy some of the best skiing of the year now washer and also says with so much snow falling so quickly they could also have to close stevens and the quality passes for avalanche work all the more reason to have a full tank of gas chains in go extra slow snitch payment promoted also reminder from washington state patrol of you have changed their vehicles they must fit your tires of several of drivers had been checking if they don't fit you will be in a citation statewide problem recruiting new law enforcement officers the thurston county sheriff tried something new to in recruiting colors met markevic deputy chris schoenberg is sharing of virtual ride along on facebook we just got a call from the prosecuting attorneys office han is a fresh from warned that need is issued in the backseat sergeant carla carter records it live streaming wasn't working so well so she's posting videos and photos seconds after they were taken to provide contacts tentative unbacked at dating people of a dealing throughout the day it's.

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