President Trump, United States, Southcom discussed on South Florida's First News with Jimmy Cefalo


Lauderdale available everywhere with the I. Heart radio Now number one for podcasting Use Radio 6 10 W Y O D and I are radio station. Your news starts right now. Good morning. I'm Rory O'Neill. President Trump will soon be in South Florida and that pantry staple now the subject of protests. Details on both stories coming up first. Here's Taylor Edmunds with an update from the W A o d 24 hour traffic center. Good morning. Still seeing Sheila North families approaching killing and heavy dolphin eastbound Elise on the approach to I 95 in Broward Pines Boulevard eastbound Beyond Hiatus. Road Construction is blocking. All right, lane. You're next update in 10 minutes news Radio 6 10 We've got 83 degrees in North Bay Village 82 in Miami Lakes. No rain on 6 10 Doppler Radar at 801 President Trump today visits the Florida Command Center for the military's counter drug operations in South America. Foxes John Decker. The president today will visit US Southern Command in Darryl for a briefing on increased efforts to stop the flow of drugs coming into the U. S. According to the White House. The president recently directed Southcom to partner with the US Coast Guard, U S Customs and Border Protection and the Drug Enforcement Administration to continue conducting enhanced counter narcotics operations in the Caribbean Sea and East Pacific Ocean. That's Fox is John Decker. Now Air Force one set to arrive at Miami International around noon today, then the meeting at Southcom. From there, the president's motorcade.

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