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The county gets a lot of press because he's speaking out. I found it interesting. That Taylor swift got a lot of press in speaking out, which is great. I think everybody should stand up for what they believe. But I don't think should blindly follow. Because now weekdays ten to eleven AM and two to three PM on NewsRadio KLBJ. By forty nine Todd Jeffries, long Madan prior. Hey, you in five one eight three six zero five ninety. So the Oak Hill Parkway projects was added to the capital area, metropolitan planning organizations twenty nineteen twenty twenty two transportation improvement program. It was a unanimous vote this decision places the twelve lane elevated highway at the congestion intersection of UNESCO to ninety and state highway seventy one on the fast track to begin construction over the next few years. It's also notice the wino- kill for everybody else. Now, the four hundred twenty six million dollar project has been under development and evaluation for a long time decades. It has undergone several environmental reviews, including the National Environmental Protection act process in his mid modified numerous times we've been talking about this for for decades. Yeah. Absolutely. And thanks to the SOS the save our springs organization, they've been really good at you know, hoops and hurdles and slowing this down and better. Well, finally, people are going to get some. Relief in that area. Originally it was planned as a toll project. The Parkway was brought back to life last year when the textile gave two hundred twenty four million dollars under this this condition, then go forward without tolls. Several individuals speaking during a public hearing this past Monday evening, criticized the board for not taking the removal of tolls as an opportunity to reconsider the projects full design. It still looks like a toll road, but there's not gonna be any toll. And apparently the way that looks really bothers the SOS. Well, I don't know what when you're going to have a project that this is that's that big. That's gonna look like every it's going to be pleasing to the eye, of course. But it certainly it'd be effective now. The most common concerns cited by the residence was the size and elevation of this twelve lane highway and the amount of excavated dirt necessary to bury portions of the project. Here's a quote from Vicky Harper, she was a concerned citizen. This project was called. A Parkway because that's what the community wanted. This project is giant three stories tall twelve lanes wide a behemoth that requires additional depression into the ground excavation enough to fill the great pyramid in Giza. That's what you said. It's gonna be it's gonna be not only massive. It's certainly gonna affect traffic flow in a in a very very good way. It's gonna affect, but I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of pain until this thing is done when they start construction on this thing, it's going to be a mess out there. There's there's no getting around that got a break some eggs to make it exactly it's it's gonna be some pain before the game. But it's going to be worth it. I think it's going to completely transform that area. Not only in as far as having that out there in the way, it looks. But I think it's going to bring a lot more business out there. It's going to transform just about everything. I'm sure in the why business in the way of residential on and on and on Austin mayor Steve Adler, he says while the absence of tolls will make the project maintenance more difficult in the future. He thinks the project will be done in an environmentally sensitive way. And we'll set a precedent for construction practices in the future. Let's say the city of Austin will be contributing financially to the project and will also be seeking memorandum of understanding with the state transportation department to ensure that most environmentally sensitive construction practices are used to minimize the impact on the local aquifer recharge zone and Oak Hill area. Yeah. How about just just get some asphalt? So people get to work in school about that. That's pretty easy thing that took about twenty seconds. Very there you go didn't even need a meeting. I'm not even a transportation player. No, no, just a little common sense. Now, you you live out in that area. I do you got any concerns? My only concern again is just the the headaches that will will will be experiencing while it's being built. But that's that's just you can't get around that you're going to have it on both ends when you leave your house. You got that construction Goto? And then when you get to work, right? You got a bunch of construction to get it. Exactly, exactly. You're going to be miserable. Aren't you? Well, it's going to be. But I going to be worth it. I saw the artist's rendering of the design, and it all makes sense to me a buddy Holly. It's just going to be a different place out. There is.

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