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Son of renovating wounded and Bill Stanton, relative of both the hatfields and the mccoys, but a man closer in community ties to that feels getting killed himself in eighteen eighty John's e Hatfield one of Devon's is sons hooks up in the woods with rose Anna McCoy one of Randall's daughters. Ran will end up his own in her over the romance eighteen eighty one Johnny Hatfield courts in Mary's rose. And as cousin Nancy McCoy daughter of the just previously mentioned as Harmon McCoy eighteen eighty two three McCoy, stab and shoot devil ends as brother. Ellison Hatfield posse forms leading to the to three of Randall's nine Suns Tolbert farmer bud McCoy getting executed in a display of Hatfield vigilante Justice. So so far it seems that random McCoy's getting the shittiest end of the feud stick by far his brother as Harmon. Likely killed by Hatfield possibly by Deva. Lance other brother Paris wounded in a gunfight. His daughter has. Okay. Yeah. My god. I have to count to keep this my head. Yes. Another Paris McCoy. Yes. Wounded minute gunfight his daughter her reputation soiled by an unmarried carnal union with the son of Deva lands. His nephew Bill Stanton killed in a shootout with hatfields three of his sons killed by vigilante posse led by devil. Lance, brother. Nephew three sons killed a daughter and niece seduced by Hatfield five dead. One wounded to virginity taken. Meanwhile, Deva Lance has lost one brother and his clan has been accused of stealing a hawk so very lopsided. Hong folk hatfields way up dog folk McCoy's through the summer of eighteen eighty two. Okay. August tenth age eighty two both Ellison Hatfield and his now dead McCoy, brother. Murderers are buried shortly thereafter, judge, George Brown of pike county Kentucky convened a grand jury to determine the identities of the killers of McCoy. Brothers as for ten days of deliberation. The jury with neither Hatfield Norma Koi on it. Returns indictments against twenty men, including Deva, Lance, his brothers wall and Elias his sons cap and Johnny a number of other well now Hatfield supporters and that and that those three murders just would keep coming up like the the legal repercussions. Keep this going for a long time because you know, they're just continually not brought to Justice despite the indictments no arrests were made in the murder of the McCoy sons in the four years afterwards. Mateen eighty to eighty six and that goes back to what we said earlier about you know, states being very reluctant to to pursue supposed- fugitives of Justice and other states, the Hatfield mccoys would occasionally take a little potshots at one another during this time. So the food still on they shoot each other from time to time. But no one's killed members of both families do continue to cross back and forth over the state line between Kentucky and West Virginia. Deva lands involvement with the feud less. Since his son capstein kind of takes the reins as the leader of the Hatfield clan. At least in terms of their conflict with McCoy's all random Koi, still bent on vengeance in the death of his sons, he hires an attorney he's related to by marriage. That man Perry Cline that guy that, you know, got acres from way back when rep and he and he hires Perry to represent the McCoy family and their quest for Justice Perry. Cline brother-in-law of the murdered Harmon McCoy Reynolds brother in equally has a personal vendetta as well against the hatfields at some point during the time period things start to go wrong in the marriage of Nancy McCoy in John's e Hatfield apparently Nancy was a notorious gossip who found the details of the feud fascinating. Yeah. Why of course, she did. She and her Sister, Mary Daniels frequently discussed the details the feud this convinced the head feels that she was a spy or the I guess both of them were spy her sister. And that they're informing. Hatfield secrets to the McCoy's not trust into women's husbands to punish them accordingly for this. This is insane cap Hatfield again when a devil and sons and Tom Wallace, a hassle support burst into Mary's home one night, hold her husband gun point. And then lash I Mary than her daughter with a cow's tail just whip 'em like a couple of mules again is people fucking savage cap. And Tom Wallace warned the women to stay at home mind their own business going forward. Neither do the story of the assault rapidly circulates throughout community..

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