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Gaza as the ceasefire hangs on. Encouraging news from the White House today of the covert task force. As of today, half of all adult Americans are fully vaccinated. Get more for maybe sees Andy Field with now half the nation already getting their shots. Mork can safely get back to normal. But if not, you remain at rest of infection. You still need to mask and take our precautions. CDC director Dr Rochelle Wolinsky, saying the nation's well on its way to reaching the 70% vaccination goal by July, and he failed. ABC NEWS Washington A rare deadly Koven complication in some Children is being looked at and CBS is Vicki Barker tells us through some progress being made strikes its young victims some four weeks after a confident section, a high fever, rash, red eyes swelling and general pain in some cases progresses to multi organ failure. Here. Some Children have died, but a new study finds those who survived have made a good recovery by the end of six months. The small study published in The Lancet medical journal notes, some of the Children do still need ongoing physical therapy or mental health support. Vicki Barker CBS NEWS London the number of police officers in Boston under investigation over allegations of cheating during the department's most recent promotional exam. BBC TV's I team says the investigation involves as many as 21 officer's Cheryl Fiandaca with more internal affairs opened the inquiry after learning the officers who took the most recent sergeants promotional exam. Allegedly brought paper and possibly notes into the testing room and violation of the examination rules. Allegations that if proven true, could lead to disqualification or worse, there would be disappointed for doing that up to and including termination, so that's a very serious allegation. A civil service test was held last year at the Heinz Auditorium. Allegations involved the aural portion of the test, which was held virtually on a platform similar to zoom Boston police telling the item. The internal affairs investigation is ongoing mass live reports. Meantime, a half a dozen Boston police supervisors overseeing the department's evidence control unit are accused of agreeing to sign off on phony overtime slips for themselves and their subordinates. New federal court filings also show One of those supervisors has been charged in connection with the ongoing overtime fraud investigation at the evidence warehouse, taking matters into her own hands, a 22 year old woman who accuses a former college classmate of sexual assault He's using an old Kansas law to try to get some justice Madison Smith says she went to police after she reported a sexual assault on her college campus in Kansas County train did tell me that it was likely just seemed to be probation and nothing else. She wanted her attacker to register as a sex offender, so it wouldn't happen again. So she turned to in 18 87 Kansas law that allows citizens to petition for their own grand jury. You got the signature she needed. Her grand jury will look at the case in September. Rape culture is so prevalent and we need to get rid of it. And one of the ways to do that is to get our stories out there and be heard and had this is done. Jerry Preston ABC News less than two months to go, and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo's taken another potential blow the State Department issuing a travel warning for Japan. After a new surge of covert cases put new restrictions in place. Latest poll finds more than 80% in Japan do not want the Games to go on as scheduled, and a former New England Patriots training for the Olympics in rugby The busiest room. Oh, Holland tells us he's watching the pandemic news coming out of Tokyo as well..

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