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Heart radio at Fox, 31 pinpoint whether mostly sunny 96 today 97 tomorrow, and it's 80 degrees. Now you just heard Rick mention the Grizzly Creek fire, which is Shut down I 25 between Glenwood Springs and Gypsum. And at this point it looks like it could be that way, at least for another day or so. The sides of the canyon are really stupid. Nearly right. Good, So we're not putting firefighters in there? It's just not a safe place for firefighters and firefighter safety is our number One priority is David Boyd with White River National Forest talking to our partners at Fox, 31. And he's talking about the steep terrain next to the highway. The grisly creek fire burned over 3200 acres. The Pine Gulch fire near Grand Junction's now grown to over 51,000 acres, and the smoke in the haze floating across the state is coming into Denver. Those two fires together, producing some of the worst air quality we've seen so far this summer. Here in Denver, and in the 25 urban quarter, box 31 meteorologist, Brooks counters his folks who'd try to limit their driving if possible today and wait till later to gas up. Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate, State representative Herod told Kono is radio that Harris has been a role model and adviser for her as the first African American queer person to be elected in Colorado. It's important for us to see people in those roles, especially as younger, black woman as a kid. I didn't ever think that we could fire one day to be president, but that has changed. Harris is the first woman of color on a major priority presidential ticket. Meanwhile, both President Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, made campaign donations to harass his reelection campaign for attorney general of California. President donated $5000 in 2011. Ivanka gave Harris's campaign 2020 14. President's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, today was critical of Joe Biden's plan for the US economy, saying Biden just wants to raise taxes. He is a tax.

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