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Close and personal you know what i think he's gonna flop and his pro day that josh l a balls all over the place overthrowing guys he's going to vomit me so nervous at sam darnold is working with carson palmer's brother jordan jordan pompey he is like a quarterback guru if you will and it's working on all these different things and you know he had an interesting take on who sam darnold is sam darnold not for speed dating sam darnold the guy that you marry okay sam donaldson guy that you get invested in and that's why i think you know all those people are out there yesterday for him because he's got that personality to everybody wants this guy he's a safe guy he's a good player he's he's safe personality is not going to embarrass your franchise and that's why i can see him in a giant uniform for though yeah but he's probably going to be the browns before and that's why i think if it's the least amount of questions surrounding prospect at the quarterback position right now i would say sam darnold is it by a lot i don't think it's by a lot but i think it's the fewest amount of questions that you have about 'cause you can go into the personalities of mayfield and rose at all these things we've talked about you can talk about josh allen where he played we played against some of the inaccuracy issues you could bring that up with darnold what is it sort of a subpar senior year and he was missing he pointed to the fact that didn't have juju smith schuster there in that in that second year and that was a big loss for him or whatever but it wasn't as consistent grow as much in that year that's what that's the big negative in the hands of the fact that you can turn the ball over those are the big negative but if you stack those off if you're doing like those pros and cons chart sam darnold is gonna come out on top he just he just is so i mean the browns are going to i feel i still feel with john dorsey there if both the browns and the giants take a quarterback that whoever goes to the browns will be the total boston wherever goes to the giants will get a bust so.

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