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His his rookie year that we play Ewbal for teams explode on a younger teams team. All these years never looked cousins. The year he came out as the to be drafted to run as a rookie is when we found out that cousin. He was sitting at the family reunion table. My grandma s member. You've you've taught McGrath. He was like yes. You by from North Carolina. What my grandson when IN HOUSTON? Okay who's degreaser? Shiite Vince Carter. He's like what that s from getting. A phone call was cousin because so you know that was that was that was and then the next year I get drafted trump them so when he leaves after two years. They tried to get us against each other right at. That's the one thing I've always held onto like once. I finally had a sit down. Conversation WITH HIM LIGHT UTAH. Brian never say with by the media going to issue the exactly. Switch it up. Take some words out outlawed. Laso afternoon I always was very hesitant cautious in understood high-gain work outside of the court like with the media. You know when you say something. Some people don't care can say what they say but like talking about they were trying to pick me cousin Bang that's that's the Knicks next level. May that's experience to teach you. You know what I'm saying that like what's important. You know what I'm saying. You give your family. That's going supersede. See anything that the media in any service she got to do it. And that's the funny thing you say when you say that you know I was like at four so by the time I was like. Let me let me call do breath in talk to really understand this understanding. You know what I'm saying so if there's a beach families supposed to talk out whether we wanna hear the not right you know what I'm saying so we will we start. We talk about his by even say that so now. We go undercover. We've we do an idiot. So I'm here. They say Oh Matt said is not aim high with Dell so now see. I live with that forever like I understand. So that's why I want to be meeting chasing S. What's up that makes sense you know. Usually things change from the inside so i WanNa know if the game is changed at all for you. I mean you doing what you love for living. You've been doing it for twenty two years but from the time you get into game two right now. Light has it changed to the With more like work now. Yes yes and I say that because a in I'm trying to establish myself and I'm on top of the world in you know I'm franchise go-to Guy and obviously go through ups and downs. You don't win. You gotta deal with what you gotta do with but when you when you older trying to play this game in the game is in there is the game is fast. Get Round game as a lot faster. More teams play faster than what it was today. Now when they look at a look at your age they'll look extra production right so I'll walk into a meeting like you know. But how many games play birth. Look at look at the resume in my forties. How many games that I play out of eighty two games? I missed one game. You name the year before that I missed one game that I couldn't play if the coast We will sit you out because no you're older. We WanNa make sure like to to be able to do this. You know what I'm saying. That's what I've been doing for twenty plus years so that's the tough army light having to deal with so but other than that good man dope dope seeing you hear ran the city in Atlanta man. I love it. It's just the right time to be here for me at home thirties Yep You know what I'm saying. Hey It's been A. I have family. Who lived here Throughout the time is close to Home Sarah. I'm from Florida got fit my daughter. My oldest lives in Detroit. So this is this is It's all kind of this. Is up recovering all kinds of businesses. All kind of just entrepreneurs opportunity Influence people I love being out. I'm not a super super historian but when histories in front of me. I'm listening and you get the opportunity. Every man I got A. I'll say I got the opportunity to talk with Mr Andrew Young Yeah Ambassador. Young and it's definitely obviously you know for laser Near I've had the opportunity to talk with him and I enjoy stuff like I'm in deeply into music in As as I was in the band I used to write music for the band. I used to do all in the south. So you know with marched A right I was a drum major so I have you know A super passive for music You know I can engineer by all a studio at home because I love. It's so when my boss was doing. I wanted to do like when I'm building my house. I'm like I let me get a weight room. Let me give Jim. I need a theater in studio right here. Just very little news so it always seems like you know I'll rappers. Wanted to be athletes. Athletes wanted to be rebels at some point in time in they life is some well another. You know what I'm saying Have you ever play ball with a rapper? And you more impressed with skiers without you would be There's a few parts of a masterpiece was my teammate. What you play with nat asked He. He originally played with Charlotte and the next year. He came to us in Toronto. So my second year this is back when I saw my risk That came out. That's what TV so he literally Adam doing training camp so a player repeat. It was crazy breath. Because that's when you know Nolan was on top and doing thing so hit the following. This heated heated make team for regular season but a preseason following us everywhere just seeing the violence in the love. He got in watching his brothers. Silk Can Silken who can who so have made at Brown over just like got to I kinda tough to wear for the and there is Romeo. Romeo can lower he can hook. He played he used on the team. Usc At out there Who Else I know. O'brien Nike Ball is a couple of people. But yet man. This is some distant guys out the outside. Not Bad now man. I ain't never really beyond which Bro when I when I was growing up. I was always the youngest and a little on the block man. You know what I'm saying. I never got picked so I. I took it upon myself to go up to the basketball. Court Man Candlelight Flatten Out. The ball on the go pick somebody. I never got good basketball. I never really worked at it. I never worked at a hard enough. It was always re wrapping hustling was always like can do just what I had said in my mind that I was going to do but I have. I have a love for the sport and you know have a competitive spear if you pick me for a team and the pickup game won't find a way to contribute foul school a lot. Appoint someone getting rebounds and steals in create. You know what I'm saying. Create opportunities would assist. I I ain't GonNa just sit down but I'm not to be the best athletes on the court So tammy like Quavo Man Quavo at Cueva could do anything right now but I watched him who I was like okay. I think we could do anything. I don't change played high-school so right Cueva who dirk of your Leclerc who Gee Her Boca. Who who still video her vote. Yes yeah there's a few cats that man they you know what I mean they go. They go up for Travis. Travis gagging who But you know what I'm saying. I just enjoy watching the two cultures. Come together you know what I'm saying. Because obviously there's a huge cultural presidents A BASKETBALL IN HIP HOP. And there's a true presents a hip hop in basketball. So just seeing the to come together and it's always been ria cooled just to to observe it and it was needed a be honest. It the love of the game. You know Basketball dust people like you said you enjoy watching it and going to see games and just watch. Athletes do what they do. And then you could incorporate the our culture if you would go into the game or not only us as African American but the other cultures who come to you know who indulge in our music because well I enjoyed it so when they the best of both worlds and I think that's what's needed I really do and that's what's happening right now. Now would you so? Would you consider coaching METADATA line? Now not initially you rather lie broadcast and be more executive executive level right like GM so she liked it all out of the holidays. Okay would you start at GM or you want to come in? Is You the opportunity to go straight to our will but like I definitely something in the executive area by your president just depends like we talk? What's what's the difference in. Gm and president so like the one who's making all of the the the the trees use the one that is the day to day guy. I guess extensive He's on fall and some some some. Gm's our presidents or have dual jobs in the president. He does some overseeing the GM is the one that's on own making a phone calls every day so you know. I'd have to think hard about that. I liked I liked Input GATE PUT teams together. So maybe a sister. Gm He assists with those but yet still works players as well. Then see me doing. If if ownership doesn't happen now I will do like something like assistant. Jim Is okay. I just want to be in it just to be in it and don't know what I'm doing right that's As key point you talked about earning the earlier so I mean I see what you go with that but I'm glad you you you see it. Gm because they goes with that next question if you're the GM of the hoax.

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