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Person and no longer a person. men all the anybody here on this earth is a person and it's only learn to find the the salvation of creation. you can't find it I need to go in a better direction. I think so. but just a bit to see. the meditation doesn't cure you. it did he choose to Kerr. I have been trying to say that. meditation that I teach show you. teachers should be still. and disconnect from your brain. the soul. must be disconnected. in some way so that because as long as you're angry your soul is is entangled with your brain and so your power animal and part human. but some of the more nice you are. the worse a woman is because she sees a weakness and she wants to see your real strength that's what a woman wants gentle string. gentle strength can only come. from. the lord this in you the Jesus nature. is is now has no emotion. if you have a motion you can be manipulated but you calling could you call call me make me upset. because if you try to not upset me. you'll get upset trying to upset me and I win. meaning I don't get upset I don't obey. I don't I'm not gonna get upset because I know if I get upset. I belong to the person who accepts me with its pseudo good or evil bad. sudo good is just as bad as pseudo bag. they're both wrong. you're gonna die from this you're going to get rid of the extension our field mother. you're not a man if you're the extension of your mother. she she must be an extension of you and you must be extension of the crater be still and know is be still the secret of that seven minute bed to Tatian is to bring you to that but not to teach you any Christian any Christianity or any kind of religion. all I want you to do is disconnect the meditation seven meditation is simply. causing you to the soul. this in tangled with the brain so that everything on the outside will control you and make you crazy MMA end. inch drive into all the worse things. and spank you struggle which can never help you I told and compound every problem ever may I say phone numbers I'm putting too much thought into it all in yes you too much what you need is is to be still and the way to be still is if I am sh teaching you I don't want you to do anything at all this of myself I can do nothing you can do nothing and you have to recognize that of yourself you could nothing and so you wait for something and so you must know that you this extension of the person because she is difficult I mean she's difficult to upset when you're upset she owns two. and all the help the civil laws comes through me is through all the generations women waiting for a man that Samak and the man. get the put all lead to subtle..

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