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Shooting centerfield today Cameron center field. But let me introduce our guest here. Okay. Todd Hollandsworth was nationally rookie of the year in nineteen ninety six. He won a World Series with the Marlins this correct. He had a twelve year career major league baseball. And yet the highlight of his career was being a member of the nineteen Eighty-one cherry hill athlete at land little league champion people's banks. What did I have that correct? I think you do out, right. Yes. There you go. So you let me get destroyed because people people around here know, your major league career, they saw you play ball, some of them know that you grew. Grew up locally, and you were friends with on David growing up best of friends. I mean, that's what we were we grew up together. I mean many of the stories I tell on our air in Miami. You know my career everything kind of goes back to little league where it all starts for us. You know, we kind of kid each other, you know about what, you know, our kids are kind of going through what my sons are going through as far as baseball today. We when we were growing up, we had little league. We stayed together we played locally and and we learned this game locally. So we share that the love affair that we have with the game of baseball together. I'm not sure you're wear that rate, injures jersey local icon. I am. Okay. Good. Well, I'm glad to hear that. And from what I understand driving in that old station. Wagon back in the early eighties rate kind of imparted in you. Some of the tips that made you into the pro yours effort is absolutely look where I'm sitting I'm sitting next to him in booth. Listen, I paid attention. There's no doubt about it. This is about as smart as you're going to get when it comes to Philadelphia sports. And I listen, I good listener, drove carpool post-game cheese steaks, all the time all the time, we would do it all. And I think that's you know, I, I think back to my memories in in, you know, growing up here in cherry hill. And I like I said, I talked about it quite often on our air. I mean just being here and even watching the Phillies I talked to some of the guys on our team we're kind of local kids, and I think we, we have a kid who just went the other days that gallon and he said he grew up a cardinal fan. And I said, I don't know how you grew up in jersey, and you're not a Phillies fan. And I said, here's the thing. Okay. Well, I'll give you a pass. Do you hate the Cowboys and he said, yes? I said, okay. You clearly are from the Philadelphia area because you may not be an eagles fan, but you gotta know date the Cowboys while I was I told you before we went on the air today, the story about my son, David, and Todd were the two eight year olds that got picked for that team was Tim vulgar kids, obviously nine ten eleven year olds by the coach pick, two eight year-olds. And it was Todd Davis with the two littlest guys in at the end of the bench. But my mother and father came up from Florida to stay with us for a week. And so David headed game. So we went over to watch the game. And this is this sounds hypocrisy. But I'm telling you, it is a true story. My father sitting in the bleachers next to me, and we're watching the game and Todd comes up and even then as an eight year old he had a sweet left handed swing. He really did. And he comes up and I at bad. He hits a ball in the gap and really ropes it and the gap is eight year old and my father says to me that kid's gonna play in the big league someday. My father said when when Todd. Eight years old. And the funny thing is my father then took ownership of Todd's career moving forward. So Todd actually does get to the big leagues. He started following him everyday in the box scores that he would call me and say before I even a chance to look. Hey, Hollandsworth us three for four last night. So. You had a you didn't even realize it. But you had a huge fan of my father because he felt like he scouted you long before was Angeles. Dodgers do. And, and, and listen. I I'm so grateful for every fan that I have. I mean my, my childhood was so unique in that I spent every waking moment in jersey up until the day I moved away in your so I spent my high school years out, west actually, but coming back here that season those years when we and I would David two together were eight-year-olds on that team in growing up for me really led me to the big leagues. I mean it made me hungry for more because we were the smallest guys on the field. We, we probably were a little bit more talented than the other eight year olds and nine year olds. But we were playing with older guys, and it was a challenge for both of us. So we became really, really close because of that experience together with that happening. I was always even after I left Hungary to play with the older guys. I didn't want to be challenged by guys. It wasn't good enough for me to just be, you know, beating the kids or. Competing with the kids in my age group. I wanted to beat the kids that were older. And I'm sure David probably tell you the same thing I've seen David didn't play hockey and pretty good. It's good ball players hockey player. Fantastic. He was our first baseman. I, I mean, listen, we loved, I mean, I was just last year just actually had come across some video of championship game that we had, I think it was for my mother who lives out west now and has for many, many years. And she sent me some video of arch of a championship game. And he was our first basement, and I was left handed shortstop. So I mean it's, it's what we were doing. And and you know there were winning a championship, but it was interesting because we were the young guys then we became the old guys, but we've been doing it for so long. And we got to that championship game. I think for most of us, we were like it was a walk in the park, we'd done this so many times together tot. He was an awesome football player. I'm a great football player, and it's a shame because after halfway through freshman year he moves out west. Right. So he played freshman football and he was the quarterback also Arizona state. Right. That's where it ultimately was going to be. But it didn't, you know didn't go that way ended up going to the dodgers. So first of all, you don't remember this, I've actually met you once before you came to wing bowl one year. Right. Didn't you in Philadelphia? Maybe I think you did w table and I mentioned was very early in the morning, and one of us might have been drunk anyway. Interesting aspect of your career that Ray told me you were once traded forgave Kappler. Yeah, that's absolutely correct. There's no doubt about it. I don't even Texas trade. I believe I was going from t I was going from Colorado Texas gave was going from Texas to Colorado. That's right, right around two thousand and two. In fact, you're right. I. It's so funny that you mentioned that I've spoken with Gabe and talked to gave all we've never even mentioned it. And you just brought that up. Let me find here. It is. You were traded from the Rockies with Dennis raise. Yeah. To the Rangers, forgave Kappler Jason Romano, and cash they go well, there you go to give the cash there. So you know that was. That was his first that was his first movie in the American League his career up to that point had been purely in the National League. Dodgers in Iraqis. Got traded to Texas. I was looking up a little bit of this, because a lot of Todd's career I kind of remembered because I actually kind of like him as well. But I saw that one footnote. I said, oh, that's that is very interesting. The gape capital was part of one of the traits, you were involved with top people here. Don't follow the Marlins all that closely to their few things I want to ask you about everybody here. Of course remembers whore hail farro who got dealt to the Marlins with the, the young pitcher, six Sanchez before the season for, you know, Mutoko. I know how far we've been hurt with a concussion, but at just happened. Yeah. How's he been doing? He's been doing pretty good. I I mean it was in the same game. It was in Saint Louis just before we arrived into Philly a couple of days ago was hit on a back. Swing for Marcella zone. Go figure that Marcel zoo, a former Marlins though anyway got him on the back of the head. He also took a foul tip to the mask, and my understanding was, it was a mild concussion. We're really hoping he'll be back in seven days. But, you know in this day and age, you have to just Oltra ultra ultra cautious and careful with these guys with the contact and the exit velocity. And I'll tell you the backswing was probably at least in my opinion much worse than the foul tip. But both happened in the same game about two two innings apart. So just to be safe put him in that position. But he's been playing great for us. He said he's had a very, very good run. I know JT's been great here as well. It certainly makes some sense. You know from our perspective Jorges is done everything that's been asked of him in. We're a franchise that's growing trying to block. Awesome in bloom, and get moving in the right direction. And I think Jorges hey, fit bus in that he was the younger guy, even around here, and with the expectations being what they are in Philadelphia they've always been, but I think this is supposed to be a special year. Harper comes on board expectations are high. You still got Jake Arrieta and the group in the rotation. We thought that, hey, over the last twenty right? I understood. But I don't think expectations have gone downhill, regardless a formats on the field talk to our callers. They'll tell you, otherwise. The other guy trade was six no Sanchez. He's now in AA. I know you cover the major league team and don't know what you get to see her here. But I was looking at up. He's thrown fifty one innings this season fifty strikeouts nine walks. That's a great ratio anywhere. Six does done a very nice job. He got off to a little bit of a slow start in spring training. I think the organization was just alter cautious with him kind of slow stepped it to to begin the season. And he's often running now. He's doing a good job, you know, Todd you mentioned he was part of a world champion with them. Marlins and the World Series that Todd played in and the game that they clinched it game six of that World Series were both stark that was the one hundred World Series. So it was a big deal. And I don't even know if you realize this. But when you closed out the Yankees game six at Yankee Stadium. That was the one hundredth World Series game played in Yankee Stadium. Wow. No. I did not know the last old Yankee Stadium closed. The big house in the one hundred World Series. Game played there in the one hundred World Series. Well, listen. I try not to bring that up, too. Often my boss, Derek Jeter, so he does not. He he's fine with talking about all the great stuff. But I'm good with that, too. But he also has he's still, he's so competitive that even when you think on those things or even bring them up, just kind of gives you a little look like yet. Don't hit me there. That's not what I want to talk about. But it, it certainly wasn't exciting run that oh three group. Listen, we were going. Hey we're the wildcard team..

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