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Who director real though, you know, that's crazy. So how did you handle talking about directing? How'd you handle the just the idea of second unit? It's something a lot of directors do different. Sometimes second unit is only stunts sometime. Second unit means not around ails talent. What what did you guys do for second unit on this? How did you figure out of it? We we we had some help basically for the big truck accident. Yeah. Yeah. And he I forget his name. But he was he was a great guy, and we work very closely with them. And it was basically he was giving his very expert advice on how to do a big truck things. He had done that stuff before. But we were right next to the whole time on it. So it wasn't like for fight sequences or styling that we did all that stuff. I mean, we love that stuff. We I mean, Kevin I will actually get up in an office. Like this an act out the entire fight for the stunt coordinator with us rolling around on the ground. And he goes, oh now, I get it. So it's very hands on as much as we possibly can folks jumping in really quick to tell you about backstory magazine, which you could read on a desktop laptop, ipad or even an Android tablet via Google play issue. Thirty seven we'll come out near mayford twenty nineteen and it is our avengers in game issue, which features a post release interview with the writers of that fine film, and we will focus on all the spoilers and inter workings of that already record breaking film. Yes, record breaking. And it hasn't even been released yet. But you could read all about that. And what else is an issue thirty as we will publish the table of contents for it at backstory dot net. So make sure to check back there for details. But right now, our current issue is still issued thirty six or Oscars issue, and we've continued to add content to it after the Oscars. So it contains plenty of great TV and film content as well. In our Oscar issue. You could read our Oscar lessons section which has great interviews with seven out of ten Oscar-nominated screenwriters that include the writers of a stars born black klansman the favorite I reformed. Green book if Beale street could talk and vice in each of these articles, not only do we talk about certain scenes that you could read excerpts of you could also read the entire screenplay as well. Plus, our Oscar issue features an interview with actor Willem Dafoe, and even Oscar-nominated editor Hank Corwin who chats about editing. Vice other great articles in issue. Thirty six include our blacklist profile of the script Escher by Jason Kessler and not only do we interviewed Jason. But you could read his entire blacklist script as well. Oscar winner Terrell Alvin mccranie of moonlight chats about his new Steven Soderbergh directed Netflix movie, high flying bird we interviewed Steve Lightfoot about the latest season of punisher we interviewed the writers of comedy central's corporate and director, David Slade talks about Netflixing groundbreaking. Choose your own adventure. Black. Mirror. Bander snatch. We also did a funky cool peace with writer Eric Heiser yet..

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