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You're listening to ABC News. Our top story important Mayor 10 Winter and his opponent in the election, Sarah and her own debated last night on K two, Wheeler was asked what he would do to stop the violent demonstrations. I clearly unequivocally denounced the violence, and that's what leaders need to do make it clear that that is not a value. Support. The second thing we need to do is hold people accountable, and Iran says the mayor's track record is all the proof you need. In many ways. The 120 plus nights of protests continuing Are all the rebuttal I need. The current mayor has failed to lead on this issue and our own, says that she would talk with organizers of the demonstrations to understand the issues they support something Wheeler is pride, but the violent demonstrators have shown they don't want to talk damage from Sunday night's rally important will exceed $50,000, a city important says it'll cost $20,000 to repair damage to the Roosevelt statue that was pulled over and it'll take $10,000 to repair the Lincoln statue. A front windows. The Oregon Historical Society were Broken, replacing memo cost $20,000 windows also broken on other businesses and important state University. Two people have been arrested in connection with the statues and the damage of the Oregon Historical Society. American legislators Emergency Board Sense Assigned $20 Million for Rebuilding wildfire impacted schools 11 90 Kg X is Michael Desmond reports rather than just give wildfire impacted schools the money, the board set aside $20 million in funding. Senate Republican leader Fred Garage who lost his home in the wildfires, wants to make sure schools to get needed funding quickly. I just want to make sure that we're not putting additional roadblocks by Delaine The implementation of this programme and Senator John asked the chairs of the emergency board to have the Sandy Am Canyon school district funding request on its agenda next week. I'm Brad Ford News Radio 11 90 K X Did you with.

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