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Back. Police say no one was wounded. A gun was found at the scene. Charges have been filed against a man who shot and wounded a Chicago police officer on the West side. 30 year old Anthony Marks, faces charges of attempted murder. The officer was responding to a domestic violence call at 13th and lawn deal when he was shot on Wednesday morning. Police say Marks opened fire on officers from an apartment window. He was arrested shortly after that shooting. Police in Chicago's north suburb of Glenview are investigating their first homicide in more than 15 years. WG Ends Vic Vaughn report. The body of 15 year old Elias Valdez was found late Thursday in a grassy area near Greenwood and Springdale. Investigators say the boy suffered a stab wound to his chest. He was a sophomore and a member of the wrestling team at Glenbrook South High School. Grief counselors are offering virtual support sessions for Valdas, his fellow classmates. The search for a suspect continues this morning. It's Glenview's first homicide since 2000 for Vic on W G N U Chicago Alderman Michael Scott Jr has tested positive for covert 19. He announced the news last night, just one day after taking part in a news conference with Mayor Lightfoot and other top officials regarding Chicago public schools. Re opening. Scott was tested last Friday at a community event and received the test results yesterday. He says he has no symptoms and is in quarantine at home. Mayor Lightfoot has been tested since that news conference. Her press office says that her results were negative. The news conference room will get a deep cleaning and others who interacted with Scott will be contacted by the Department of Health. Loyola University. Chicago is closing all of its student dorms for the fall semester because of covert 19 in an online video. The school's president says that, with hundreds of dorm residents coming from covert hot spots, the risks of new outbreaks is too high. The school had already moved most of its classes online. Here's Loyola President Jo Anne Rooney was not an easy decision. It is made with great disappointment and sadness. Storm closure also is a devastating, bloated neighborhood businesses which counted on the return of students to help them recover. From spring and summer shutdowns. Auburn Gresham is getting $10 million to revitalize its neighborhood, the one they won the Chicago Prize. An economic initiative to transform neighborhoods on the South or West Side. Funding will be used in part to create opportunities for urban farming. A group of non profits that got the funding say they will also create 100 working class jobs. And now with WDTN sports. Here's David. Thank you, Steve. Good morning. It's been a while since the Blackhawks were in this position a chance to win a postseason, Siri's won't be easy. The fifth seeded Edmondson Oilers will be desperate. Neither team has managed back to back wins in the Siri's yet, but the Blackhawks were up two games to one that can clinch the best of five tonight. It's an earlier game pregame today 5 15 face off John and Troy, 5 45 Here on 7 20 W. Gm white Socks and Cubs have had a lot of good nights lately. Last night wasn't one of them Socks left fielder in lawyer Jimenez played a fly ball by Brewer star Christian Yelich. It would inside the park home run, triggering a four run brewer's fifth. Let Milwaukee to 183 win over the Sox. Jed Jerko also homered. Larry Garcia had one for the Sox, who dropped their second straight day as Cleveland tonight. Long night for the Cubs in Kansas City, Tyler Chatwood, who had been their best pitcher up till now roughed up for eight runs in 11 hits, including a couple of homers in less than three innings. And the Kansas City Royals snapped a six game losing streak, ending the Cubs six game winning streak 13 to 2. Tonight. The Cubs are in ST Louis Cardinals have been off for a week while battling a covert 19 outbreak. WN BA the Chicago Sky loss for the second time, falling to Phoenix 96 86 on the home of the Black Hawks, the northwestern Wildcats and White Sox baseball David it w G N Sport your money on W G. N The opening Bell rings this morning after another record breaking day for the NASDAQ hit closed above 11,000 yesterday for the first time ever. It gained 109 points to close at 11,108 close at a record high for the seventh straight trading session. Apple and Disney helped the Dow Jones industrials gained 185 points yesterday. Facebook contributed to the S and P 500 closing up 21 points. Lawmakers We're hoping to reach a compromise in a cove in 19 relief bill today, but signs out of Capitol Hill are not encouraging. Democrats and White House negotiators are still reportedly far apart after hours of negotiations. While millions of Americans wait. President Trump has issued several executive orders about well no naps, including TIC Tac. Calling TIC tac a threat to national security. The order threatens to close down the ATC by September 15th unless it is bought by Microsoft or another company. And I'm Steve Christianity on Chicago's very own. Seven W G. N Jacobs talking to you from behind a face mask. It's good, so many are wearing them. Now. It's not so good for understanding what they say. Are you doing great? Or are you running late?.

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