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School how you your your your city danger your people danger while you're later tack like jackass children that's what they and then they have the meeting to resolve the situation and they're simple question that they were saying no to officers get out of the car do i don't know this patch your talking i don't know did she did the message go through on the computer you're sitting here in front of the family for five hours the parents and then you have a city council which i forget his name wendell young he's fans up any says i know there's legal channels that you could take but let me tell you they're still amount of money that can bring your child back and if that wasn't worse stuff you said no amount of no amount of blame or no amount of sledding kim bring your child back and it's it's not about that it's about if you have somebody with the new york fifteen shooting up the school tomorrow or other kids upside down under the seat or judo dot might not at a or something you calling on one if somebody's gonna come there and find him you know it's it's just amazing the leadership that you have wasn't a five hour meeting than i didn't attend faithful news report but you know it is it is pathetic to not know that stuff not if you bought it it's all for somebody four hundred eight thousand three thousand dollars to resign from a position and to charge what they charge you guys for taxes and not be able to put that kind of money and tim floyd too hard on one one operators and having that words going back to the are you there yes yeah back to the situation itself if he made the first call when i saw on one one on my cell phone to report road situation when i hang up only on nine one one to south the smartphone does this hang up the regular way it just keeps a rent not on the front of the phone and you have to slide it over and then hang up i know that i hang up on my dash players like holy crap i'm still connected the non one point but you.

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