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Yeah hon one hundred percent because somebody is saying look we let kids play that kids play that concept of heads up football they're not they're not being differently well people are trying to teach differently and so when you when you get into the pros ten years from now players may be different but the players who are in the pros now are going to go crazy about this right you'll hear this day after day after day mike the tsegaye guy like like i don't know what josh norman does i don't db's what do they did what they do what do you think mike there they're going crazy yeah they're they're going nuts now talking about this josh norman richard sherman sherman hates everyone that's why like what you he hates every acid yeah everything did you can't do anything that richard sherman doesn't hate fidel it's simply amazing great male sherman wrote to his floor in when he was at stanford because people were being loud discu goal richard sherman stanford floor email hysteria out calls out all of the kids on his big too loud and hates every it's great god for him though i like him i i don't know that i would like him if i had to deal with them every day but i'm like speaking of which i get you one football question one foot question the los angeles rams in an attempt to win right now which is smart i wish basketball teams that are baseball teams and not all of them do los angeles rams have picked up a keep to lead marcus peters and indomesia consume all of whom are pro bowl talented players and all of whom have been suspended either by their teams or the league rule number one do not let them lock together in one corner.

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