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Well obviously markle anson's not healthy wasn't healthy last year and i'm starting to get the thinking that he's not gonna be able to be at all i mean not a not a young guy others are serious so the giants instead of going to see him dyson for save the first day against the dodgers they went hunters strictly which could define i could see up getting had a big problem last year getting left handed hitters out so you could see a scenario where this does goes well for now he's the guy and if you pitchers who continued to be the guy other situations nothing's really changed i mean obviously the cardinals signing greg holland was a big deal and a big blow to those who invested in either luke gregson or dominic leoni i think he's a better pitcher than greg holland articles obviously don't agree they wanted experienced how will probably be in the minor leagues about two weeks and then they'll start getting the space so he's the guy you want to invest in because it's proven a good team so you're going to want to get him no one else surprises with the save so far the first angel save went to blake parker not camera drudge and that's the guy get worry a little bit about the closer situation in baltimore where brad brock got the first save chance and blew it they have other guys that are just like during the day michael gibbons but other than that i mean really it's only like two days of games that's the one situation where i say it's okay to panic because we think that blake parkers the closer now we think we know what's happening with a couple of other teams that's when you act but when it comes to hitters you have the games are bad games don't eric cariballo is with us for the hour this is our mlb previous special espn radio we are presented by autozone get in the zone autozone im erin gold hammer let's talk a little bit more about the giants what a job by their pitching staff eric in the first two games of the season how surprised are you with madison bumgarner going down.

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