ROY, United States, President Trump discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House


Of his former treasurers is going away for thirty three years which is a fairly undignified look even if he had nothing to do with knew nothing about it truly just of quit of course i mean he should have done because we knew about this corruption scandals for awhile you know it was not a surprise for anyone but you know for some reason roy managed to keep to to be in power i was very surprised that he managed to survive for so long and interesting about pedro sanchez as often you'll be very weak leader because let's be honest the socialists a not doing that well even they're kind of allies put them was a little bit they don't have a great relationship so it's very fragile as well and if i will be paid through a would be calling election at least by the end of the year as well okay well let's look now at the united states the president of which is presently attempting to engage the country and he's singularly fat headed discussion of what constitutes proper language among television comedians following the dismissal of roseanne barr by abc for the tweeting of obnoxious racist conspiracy dnc president and trump is now arguing for similar sanction to be imposed upon cement the be who called his daughter a name has himself reportedly cold other women on occasions several trump in both cases has been at pains to make it clear that in this row about the use of racist and misogynist terminology the real victim is a white man i e him ben first of all the case they are trying to make against cement the be who has apologized for their concerted roseanne barr are is it comparable no of course it's not comparable and and i know that we expressed disbelief about the president of the united states a roughly once a now i slow our actually want i have to say that that it's it is absolutely astonishing that we are at this position where we've got someone in such a powerful position who doesn't simply does not or absolutely refuses to have any grip what so ever on what the concept of racism actually is and the fact that he's got up on television or.

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