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Mammoth and feed the whole the the whole tribe. What do you make that distinction. We humans love in the way we love world. Obviously that's part of it. That's got to be there to be brought to life. It's it's obviously it's inherent in creation itself it's just there and and evolutionary biology is seen lots of ways discovering what we human beings can be and and in lots in all the battles and all the trauma sits on on since the beginning of humanity. In a way. I love my store. Stores just win because we still here. If high trudeau or negatively or destruction was winning we human beings wouldn't be here. You dedicated your book to your friend. The lama and he likes to talk a lot about the buddhist concept of compassion which is really specific thing. He talks about as a kind of loved without attachment this the way. Yeah a buddhist would describe it now. I think the dalai lama is the real deal. I did this event with him in public. And i was sitting next to him on the stage with this huge crowd and i saw him the most amazing thing bill. A woman came up to ask him a question about getting over various disability. She'd suffered from an in an accident and she began as she was asking the question. She became a bit ever come and i was sitting right next to him. No one else could hear this. But i could just hear all one hundred or like denny's microphone and walked right up to her and she sort of embraced him and he went with the embrace and no one else could see. The six million the techs on stage but this woman just lead this incredible expression on her face like she'd been able to let go of so much pain just in that embrace from here he's holding the delilah do. Do you talk about such things about love and compassion. And they mean when you're with him bill are are you. Yeah i i love that man so the thing about me. She's he'd like you say he's the real deal and you just sit there and our team just before the pandemic we were sitting in dharamsala and We looked in each other's eyes. Because of talk a lot about that. I said looking. We looked in each other's eyes teach notice we've both vanished and went somewhere. And he goes you nashville. I think. That's what jesus was talking about the kingdom and he goes oh and he grabbed this lackey and he might disliking because it was just him and he got this likely to go downstairs and comeback and he had this beautiful crystal obelisk beautiful and he got a black pin. He drew across on that. I'm looking at it now. He drew a cross on the obelisk and he gave it to me and he said dumb tight. This is a gift from the holy spirit. And it's it's just pewter anonymous at this little black cross. He drew with these texts on the crystal and he knows he knows. That's all i can say. I was talking with fire. The bob wants and him and i. We were talking in melbourne. And he should bill. We've been to the mountaintop. Whatever that means and the deli lama has to talk about a couple of came to after the child dot and i suppose that illustrates the risks of love. The the risks. You open yourself up to with that..

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