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Detect some kind of rush now seeing some kind of purpose and what donald trump is doing thinking well maybe he could do this well maybe he could do the other but this is just the opposite of anything constructive he's given away this prize of of meeting legitimising the north korean leader for absolutely nothing which is not diplomatic strategy bought a like a diplomatic tick i mean he did the same thing by moving the american embassy to jerusalem which is prized pearl of the pri peace process but which he gesture he made for absolutely no return and i'm this is this is the same thing happening over again the north koreans a delighted they've already one quite significant victory by presenting the chairman as a as a world statesman when it comes to behind the scenes dealings and meetings i mean there is some of that going on but the actual the framework the network of building some kind of sensitive agreement with this is the visit of trump's modus operandi it takes time in those failures along the way one car imagine considering his recent behavior that g seven con imagine that his approach will be any different here is it the case because it certainly how it seems to me that this is a certain from the north koreans point of view they can't lose here can they wear as the united states can be a guess seen to lose but it's hard to believe donald trump really cares all that much no i think it's thing dana's true i mean the north koreans there is excess gets in just as far because they can't lose both on the international stage have been taken seriously include domestically they can play this is having been showing they're being taken very seriously a note that north korean tv has apparently taken the unusual step of reporting this meeting before it happens normally the leaders activities only reported after the fact so awfully if donald trump has decided doesn't fancy the meeting after all and that's going to be a bit of a difficult one to sell on the news tomorrow that said i mean let's not forget that i think you know earlier this year some very serious compensations we're concerned about real military confrontation between these two so even if this is not going to live.

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