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Little shy at george king as well wanted him you know pre guy meet one was autumn up. He seems to be now down nominee. Now five and a half mil a lot a lot. A lot an assembler ever earn free. No i won't talk about ever and because haisam pay with dane. If it will i townsend cool. Ri- got suckered in nearly two getting gripe of god. They didn't always tell if one don't ever ever implies highter but they must just feel like it was typical dane. Yeah you noy absopure saw that as a yes but for villa. What why. Why is he. The i have got such a height. Should always say shit above a stunt team And the guardian villa by do have some tough fixtures as pivot. Stay away but the one garmon up. Who do you think me favila. Yeah means ni- volley watkins busy bag. Yeah he's back. Paid non of alaska games seven point free. No but often evokes our stuff. Watkins innings partnership eight spurs by away. Then he's wolves off snow west and saints. Brian palace that my friends is vice gaming. Seven wildcard is still lineup. Some bill applies maybe a little shaky defender and a little shaky watkins them. Why would you ever guy for any of our strike car. I've run out low. Somebody would for free free what benefit. Oh antonio sign watkins in the mix now for me on four four two lukaku option. And that's a dan grade even though which might possibly do who knows anyway. Onto sieber sunday brought lester now haven't watched games. Carmody talk too much in it and i don't really care about our team. I don't care about brian. Kp defenders or you goalkeepers for now what was his skull to umbrella and but ask it as scored for leicester voday but yet. What no one's considering lester. And he's just non f. anymore jamie body paint ten mil not just to much to the talk money. So it's just up. Jim western illinois eight now when you talk about west. I'm fucking love him or teach double. What's hack wildcard.

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