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Out without a jacket for once. Oh, you went without a jacket. Oh, yeah. Thank you. Katie a man with a gun walked into a Bank in c- bring Florida yesterday opening fire and killing five people. Suntrust Bank customers in shock. We just don't understand. This is devastated. This is devastating to town of civilian community. Which is the safest place you can ever be the suspect did surrendered to a swat team. CBS news contributor, Jamie wax, with more police here in Siebrand Carl Hoglund says it his department received a nine one one call shortly afternoon in which an individual said that he had fired shots here at the SunTrust Bank behind me when the negotiations with this individual broke down the chief of police says he called in a swat team, which stormed the Bank and continue negotiations inside eventually apprehending the individual, but authorities identified the suspect is twenty one year old Seabrook residents even savior the victims have not yet been identified as the trial continues four or five corrections officers who are accused of beating inmates at the Montgomery County. Jail. Jurors watch the video of one of the incidents struggle with an inmate with one leg. Hit wine w suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert reports the two minute. Video of an inmate at Montgomery County correctional facility shows that inmate on the ground surrounded by corrections. Officers five of those former guards around trial, captain Edwin Nygren, Lieutenant Darren Collins and officers Randall SIMS Alfred Gregory and Anthony Saxby the inmate was being taken back to a cell after getting treated for a cut over his eye from an earlier altercation with guards a detective testified. The incident starts when captain Negra and orders the guards to remove the inmates, bloody shirt. But when a defense attorney asks not detective, if it looks like guards are trying to get the shirt off the detective replied, no it looks like Saxby is trying to choke him as the video played the detective said I see him rolling around getting pushed around getting pulled by his shirt as she. I'm getting punched getting kicked now as she getting stomped another guard who pleaded to lesser charges testified the guards the inmates prosthetic leg out of his cell. And he did not get it back until the next shift of guards came on. In our Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio. And at four thirty seven. We check KYW.

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