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Newsradio one thousand Haiti okay? X x y FM ninety six point one HD to Oklahoma City. We expect a soon hear more about the grounding of a popular jetliner Calvin, right? The KT. Okay. News center, the acting. Here's the FAA to Capitol Hill this afternoon to testify in the grounding of Boeing seven thirty-seven, max jets. Here's Rachel Sutherland, the FAA has been testing proposed changes to flight control software on the 737 max suspected in two overseas crashes that killed three hundred forty six people. That's according to prepare remarks and acting FAA administrator Daniel L, well, it goes before a Senate subcommittee this afternoon. The change was submitted to the FAA by bowling in January before the second crash of a seven thirty seven max earlier this month also expected it. Today's hearing plans to significantly revamped the oversight of playing construction a woman killed this morning crash. US highway two seventy north Holden Ville irate patrol reports. Fifty eight-year-old Annette Baker of Holden Bill failed to yield at a stop sign. Was hit by another vehicle pronounced dead at the scene a Texas track. Coach won't be preying on young girls anymore. Here's Beth Myers a private track. Coach from Colleen Texas has pleaded guilty to assaulting a girl that he took to Tulsa to meet with college coaches tells the US attorney Trent shores, call Fifty-six-year-old Carey Sloan a wolf in sheep's clothing Sloan admits he sexually assaulted the girl in Tulsa hotel. The victim made a nine one one call on the return trip and Sloan was arrested Schorr says other victims dating back to nineteen ninety have come forward alleging that they were also groomed and assaulted by Sloan sure says loans days of praying on unsuspected families and their daughters are over no e cigarettes on school.

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