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That's theraworx with an eleven forty five or reading in the first half Rams and bears. Three ballgame Los Angeles. First and ten at the twenty yard by moving from left to right shotgun. Snap the golf swing past the woods on the right side woods trip last yardage. With a flag down at the eighteen yard line. Aaron lychee blasting through a block to drop woods for a loss of two. There's a flag down at the twenty one. And here comes another flag to join that flag. Lot of flags. What a great job by Aaron Lynch. Walk in the back number twelve. The ten yard penalty still Lynch's lined up as a stand about side linebacker. He sees the wide receiver screen and immediately. Plus, we down the line of scrimmage. Brandin cooks bad match up. Receiver lynch. Yeah. No chance and then he pushes them. The back adds insult injury. Second penalty fifteen yards of penalties against the Rams Erla. Going back them up to the ten yard line. I down and twenty at the ten and this is where you got to this bears. Defense attorney you're over behind the change. Takeaways this year for the bears golf under pressure pass. Accepted by Smith of the twenty. Right side line to the ten the five. Takeaway, I thirty one Chicago Bears and its first and goal after the Gulf interception. Roquan smith. Well, it's a great job of fraud. That's worth starts. Kevin. Number. I might have been a key Hicks who gets pressure. They don't hit golf, but they rushed off to the lab. We get nothing audit. Water. Glenn Smith is just right in the middle. What a great job. Look like is John Bower. Of the backup defensive lineman who gets the push against Andrew Whitworth worth actually hits off. And that's why the ball flutter twenty two yard return later and the bears set it up I try to break a three. All-time Trubisky will go under Senator Cohen in motion from left to right Howard, the Kerry trying to find room up the middle and Howard down to the three and a flag down as well. On the far side. The flag was thrown about eight miles into the air. And it finally draw. Offense, number seventy. Still I down. That's the veteran. Bobby Massie, and they'll back up five and its first and goal at the nine bears are still in the Buffalo Wild Wings red zone and had to Buffalo Wild Wings for their five dollar game day deals. That was an aggressive. Flags row by Jared. Phillips down that thing went sky high. That's.

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